74LVX574MTCX Rochester Electronics BUS DRIVER

The 74LVX574MTCX is a bus driver IC manufactured by Rochester Electronics. Below are the key specifications and features of this integrated circuit:


  • Manufacturer: Rochester Electronics
  • Part Number: 74LVX574MTCX
  • Type: Octal D-Type Flip-Flop (Bus Driver)
  • Package: TSSOP-20 (Thin Shrink Small Outline Package)
  • Technology: LVX indicates low-voltage CMOS logic family
  • DataSheet 74LVX574MTCX PDF

Key Features:

  • Octal D-Type Flip-Flop: The IC consists of eight D-type flip-flops, making it suitable for applications where data storage and controlled data transfer are required.

  • Bus Driver Functionality: As a bus driver, the 74LVX574MTCX can drive or buffer data signals on a bus to ensure reliable and efficient communication between multiple components in a system.

Specifications and Uses:

  • Package Type (TSSOP-20): The TSSOP-20 package is a thin small outline package with 20 pins, suitable for space-constrained applications and surface-mount PCB assembly.

  • Technology (74LVX): The LVX family indicates low-voltage CMOS technology, offering a balance of low power consumption and high-speed performance.

  • Clocking Applications: This IC can be used in clocking systems where synchronized data transfer is essential.

  • Memory Interfaces: It is commonly employed in memory interfaces to manage data flow between memory units and other parts of a digital system.

  • Data Synchronization: The flip-flops in the IC help synchronize data transfers within a system, reducing timing issues and ensuring data integrity.

Common Applications:

  • System Interfacing: The 74LVX574MTCX is utilized for interfacing components within digital systems, ensuring smooth data transfer between different parts of a circuit.

  • Data Buses: It helps manage data buses by controlling data flow and minimizing signal degradation in multi-device communication scenarios.

  • Signal Buffering: Acts as a buffer to isolate different sections of a system electrically, preventing signal interference and ensuring signal integrity.

  • Clock Distribution: Can be employed in clock distribution networks to synchronize clock signals across various components.


The Rochester Electronics 74LVX574MTCX is a versatile bus driver IC featuring octal D-type flip-flops, suitable for various applications requiring reliable data storage, transfer, and synchronization. As a key component in digital systems, this IC plays a crucial role in managing data flow, interfacing different parts of a circuit, and ensuring efficient communication between devices. Refer to the datasheet and technical specifications provided by Rochester Electronics for detailed information on pin configurations, electrical characteristics, and application guidelines when incorporating this IC into your design.

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