88E1518-A0-NNB2C000 Marvell IC TXRX FULL/HALF 4/4 48QFN

The 88E1518-A0-NNB2C000 is a network switch IC manufactured by Marvell Technology Group. Below are the specifications of this integrated circuit:


  • Manufacturer: Marvell Technology Group
  • Part Number: 88E1518-A0-NNB2C000
  • Type: Network Switch
  • Functionality: Transceiver (TXRX)
  • Operation Mode: Full/Half Duplex
  • Number of Channels: 4 Transmit, 4 Receive (4/4)
  • Package: 48-QFN (Quad Flat No-Lead)
  • DataSheet 88E1518-A0-NNB2C000 PDF

Key Features:

  • Network Switch IC: The 88E1518-A0-NNB2C000 is designed as a network switch integrated circuit.

  • Transceiver Functionality: It likely includes both transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) components for handling data transmission and reception.

  • Full/Half Duplex: The IC supports both full-duplex and half-duplex communication modes, providing flexibility in network setups.


  • Number of Channels: With 4 transmit and 4 receive channels, the IC enables simultaneous data transmission and reception on multiple communication paths.

  • Package Type (48-QFN): The 48-QFN package is a Quad Flat No-Lead package with 48 pins, suitable for surface mounting on a PCB with a compact form factor.

Common Uses and Applications:

  • Network Switching: Deployed in network switches to manage and direct data traffic efficiently within a network environment.

  • Data Centers: Used in data center networking equipment to facilitate high-speed data transmission and network traffic management.

  • Telecommunications: Incorporated into telecommunications infrastructure for routing and switching data across networks.

  • Enterprise Networking: Found in enterprise networking solutions to enable data transfer and communication between connected devices.

Connectivity and Data Handling:

  • Data Transmission: The IC manages the transmission and reception of data packets between devices connected to a network.

  • Packet Routing: It routes data packets to their designated destinations based on addressing information, ensuring effective communication.

  • Bandwidth Management: Network switches equipped with this IC regulate and distribute bandwidth among connected devices to optimize network performance.


The Marvell 88E1518-A0-NNB2C000 network switch IC is a versatile component engineered for efficient data transmission and network management within various networking setups. With support for multiple transmit/receive channels and full/half duplex operation, it offers scalability and adaptability for a range of applications, from data centers to telecommunications infrastructure and enterprise networks. For seamless integration and effective utilization of this IC in a networking environment, refer to the datasheet and technical documentation provided by Marvell Technology Group.

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