A Deep Dive into the S-814A25AMC-BCPT2G Linear Voltage Regulator

The S-814A25AMC-BCPT2G is a linear voltage regulator manufactured by Seiko Instruments. This device is a member of the S-814 series of voltage regulators and offers stable and reliable voltage regulation for various electronic applications. Below is a detailed overview of the S-814A25AMC-BCPT2G linear voltage regulator:


S-814A25AMC-BCPT2G Linear Voltage Regulator Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Seiko Instruments
  • Part Number: S-814A25AMC-BCPT2G
  • Regulator Type: Linear Voltage Regulator
  • Package: SOT-23-5 (Small Outline Transistor 5-pin)
  • Output Voltage: 2.5V
  • Maximum Output Current: Typically up to 150mA
  • Features: Low dropout voltage, low quiescent current, overcurrent protection, and thermal shutdown
  • DataSheet S-814A25AMC-BCPT2G PDF

Key Features:

  1. Low Dropout Voltage:

    • Operates efficiently even when the input voltage is close to the output voltage.
  2. Low Quiescent Current:

    • Consumes minimal current when in operation without load conditions, contributing to energy efficiency.
  3. Overcurrent Protection:

    • Safeguards the regulator and connected components from excessive current flow.
  4. Thermal Shutdown:

    • Protects the device from overheating by shutting down output during high-temperature conditions.
  5. SOT-23-5 Package:

    • Small and compact package suitable for space-constrained applications.

Main Applications:

  1. Battery-Powered Devices:

    • Used in portable electronics, IoT devices, and wearable technology that require stable voltage regulation.
  2. IoT Sensors:

    • Provides regulated power supply for sensors in IoT applications.
  3. Embedded Systems:

    • Ideal for providing regulated power to microcontrollers, sensors, and other components in embedded systems.
  4. Consumer Electronics:

    • Suitable for various consumer products like digital cameras, audio devices, and handheld devices.
  5. Peripheral Devices:

    • Used in peripherals such as USB-powered devices, modems, and communication equipment.

Working Principle:

  • The S-814A25AMC-BCPT2G linear voltage regulator operates by comparing the output voltage to a reference voltage internally and adjusting the output voltage to maintain stability.
  • When the input voltage fluctuates or a load change occurs, the regulator adjusts to ensure a stable output voltage.
  • The internal circuitry efficiently regulates the voltage difference between the input and output to provide a constant and reliable output voltage.

Alternative Models:

  1. LM317:

    • A popular adjustable linear voltage regulator with a wide range of output voltage options.
  2. L7805:

    • A widely used fixed 5V linear voltage regulator suitable for various applications.
  3. LT1083:

    • A high current linear voltage regulator capable of handling higher current loads.
  4. LM1117:

    • A low dropout linear voltage regulator commonly used in low-power applications.


The S-814A25AMC-BCPT2G linear voltage regulator from Seiko Instruments offers stable and efficient voltage regulation in a small form factor, making it suitable for a range of electronic devices. Its low dropout voltage, thermal protection, and overcurrent protection features enhance reliability and performance in various applications requiring consistent power supply. By understanding its specifications, features, applications, and working principles, designers can effectively integrate this linear voltage regulator into their electronic designs to ensure reliable and stable power delivery.

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