A23 battery: Equivalent, Specifications and Replacements

The A23 battery, also known as the 23A, is a small 12-volt battery typically used in a variety of small electronic devices such as keyless entry systems for cars, garage door openers, security systems, and other small electronic devices. Here's a detailed overview covering equivalents, specifications, and potential replacements for the A23 battery:


Equivalent Batteries:

The A23 battery is a 12-volt battery of a specific size, and it commonly goes by the designation:

  • 23A
  • E23A
  • V23GA
  • MN21
  • L1028


The A23 battery typically has the following specifications:

  • Chemistry: Alkaline or lithium
  • Nominal Voltage: 12 volts
  • Capacity: Varies by chemistry, typically around 50-60 mAh for alkaline and higher for lithium
  • Dimensions: Around 10.3mm in diameter and 28.5mm in length
  • Shape: Cylindrical, similar to a very small flashlight/cylindrical cell
  • DataSheet A23C PDF

Common Uses:

A23 batteries are commonly used in various electronic devices such as:

  • Car keyless entry remote controls
  • Garage door openers
  • Doorbells
  • Security systems
  • Remote controls
  • Key fobs
  • Other small electronic devices


When seeking replacements for A23 batteries, it's important to ensure that the new batteries match the voltage, chemistry, and size of the original batteries to ensure compatibility and safety. Common replacement options include batteries with the designations 23A, E23A, V23GA, MN21, and L1028.

Buying Considerations:

When purchasing replacements, it is essential to choose batteries from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and performance. Additionally, proper disposal of expended batteries is important, and where possible, using rechargeable equivalents that fit the device's requirements is a more sustainable option.

Safety Note:

Due to the higher voltage, attention should be paid to safety precautions when handling and replacing A23 batteries, especially when dealing with electrical devices or conducting maintenance.

Always ensure the replacements match the specifications of the original battery to prevent potential issues with the devices they power. If unsure about the specific replacement for your A23 battery, consult the device's manual or seek professional assistance.

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