ADM213EARSZ-REEL: Overview,parameter,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models

ADM213EARSZ-REEL Detailed Introduction:


The ADM213EARSZ-REEL is a dual RS-232 line driver/receiver chip manufactured by Analog Devices. This integrated circuit is designed to facilitate communication between devices using the RS-232 protocol.



  • Functionality: Dual RS-232 line driver/receiver.
  • Package Type: SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit).
  • Operating Voltage: Range of acceptable operating voltages.
  • Data Rate: Speed at which data can be transmitted/received.
  • Temperature Range: Operating temperature specifications.

Main Uses:

  • Serial Communication: Enabling RS-232 serial communication between devices.
  • Industrial Automation: Used in industrial control and monitoring systems.
  • Telecommunications: Facilitating data transfer in networking applications.
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  • Dual Interface: Supports two RS-232 communication channels.
  • ESD Protection: Built-in protection against electrostatic discharge.
  • Low Power Consumption: Energy-efficient operation.
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range: Compatible with a range of supply voltages.
  • Driver/Receiver Capabilities: Enables bidirectional communication over RS-232.

Application Fields:

  • Industrial Control: PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and SCADA systems.
  • Communications Equipment: Modems, routers, and serial communication devices.
  • Embedded Systems: Interfacing microcontrollers with RS-232 devices.

Working Principle:

  • Line Driver: Converts digital signals into RS-232 voltage levels for transmission.
  • Line Receiver: Converts incoming RS-232 signals back into digital signals.
  • Voltage Levels: Adapts between the TTL/CMOS levels of the microcontroller and RS-232 levels.
  • Noise Immunity: Ensures reliable data transmission over long communication distances.

Alternative Models:

  • ADM232AARNZ: Single RS-232 line driver/receiver option.
  • MAX232: Commonly used RS-232 interface IC from Maxim Integrated.
  • ST3232: RS-232 transceiver from STMicroelectronics with similar functionality.

The ADM213EARSZ-REEL is a reliable RS-232 interface solution offering dual line driver/receiver capabilities, making it suitable for various industrial and communication applications. For detailed specifications and additional alternatives, refer to Analog Devices' official documentation and explore similar products from other semiconductor manufacturers.

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