ADN4652BRWZ Analog Devices DGT ISO 5000VRMS 2CH LVDS 20SOIC

The ADN4652BRWZ is a digital isolator (DGT ISO) manufactured by Analog Devices. Here are the key specifications and details about this component:


  • Manufacturer: Analog Devices
  • Model: ADN4652BRWZ
  • Type: Digital Isolator
  • Isolation Voltage: 5000 VRMS (Volts Root Mean Square)
  • Number of Channels: 2 Channels
  • Interface Type: Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS)
  • Package: 20-SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit)
  • DataSheet ADN4652BRWZ PDF

Key Features:

  1. Digital Isolator: Digital isolators provide galvanic isolation between two sides of the circuit, helping to prevent ground loops, improve noise immunity, and enhance safety.

  2. Isolation Voltage (5000 VRMS): The high isolation voltage of 5000 VRMS ensures effective isolation between the input and output sides of the component.

  3. Number of Channels (2 Channels): This digital isolator has two independent channels, allowing for isolating two separate signals or bidirectional communication paths.

  4. Interface Type (LVDS): LVDS is a popular high-speed differential signaling standard known for its high noise immunity and low power consumption.

  5. Package (20-SOIC): The 20-SOIC package is a surface-mount integrated circuit package with 20 pins, offering compactness and ease of mounting on PCBs.

Main Specifications and Uses:

  • Galvanic Isolation: Provides galvanic isolation between different parts of a circuit, enhancing safety and preventing ground loop issues.

  • High Isolation Voltage: Suitable for applications requiring high levels of isolation to protect sensitive components from high voltages or potential differences.

  • LVDS Interface: Ideal for applications where high-speed data transmission with low electromagnetic interference is necessary.

  • Noise Immunity: LVDS provides excellent noise immunity, making it suitable for applications in electrically noisy environments.

Working Principle:

Digital isolators use various isolation techniques, such as capacitive, optical, or magnetic, to transmit digital signals across isolation barriers to maintain electrical isolation while allowing data communication.

Typical Applications:

  • Industrial Automation: Used for isolating sensors, microcontrollers, and other devices in industrial control systems.

  • Communications Systems: Found in communication equipment where galvanic isolation is crucial for signal integrity and system safety.

  • Medical Devices: Utilized in medical devices to ensure isolation and prevent electrical hazards.

  • Instrumentation and Measurement: Commonly used for isolating measurement signals and data acquisition systems.

The ADN4652BRWZ by Analog Devices is a digital isolator designed for high isolation voltage applications where galvanic isolation and noise immunity are critical. Its LVDS interface and dual-channel capability make it suitable for various industrial, communication, medical, and instrumentation applications. Always refer to the datasheet for detailed specifications and guidelines for using this component effectively in your circuit design.

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