ADTL2-18+ Mini-Circuits 1:2 CORE & WIRE TRANSFORMER, 30

The ADTL2-18+ is a product from Mini-Circuits, described as a 1:2 core and wire transformer. Here is an overview of this component:


  • Manufacturer: Mini-Circuits
  • Model: ADTL2-18+
  • Type: Core & Wire Transformer
  • Turns Ratio: 1:2 (This means the transformer has twice as many turns on the secondary side compared to the primary side)
  • Characteristics: This transformer is designed to step up the voltage (or current) on the secondary side compared to the primary side.
  • DataSheet ADTL2-18+ PDF

Additional Information:

  • Design: Core & Wire transformers typically consist of a core material (like ferrite) around which the wire windings are wrapped for signal transmission or voltage conversion.

  • Applications: Transformers like the ADTL2-18+ can be used for impedance matching, voltage conversion, isolation, signal coupling, and other applications in electronic circuits.

  • Manufacturer: Mini-Circuits is known for its wide range of RF and microwave components, including transformers, amplifiers, mixers, and more.

  • Impedance Matching: Transformers are often used for impedance matching purposes to ensure efficient power transfer between different parts of a circuit.

Typical Uses:

  • RF Applications: Transformers like the ADTL2-18+ can be found in radio frequency (RF) circuits for signal conditioning, amplification, or filtering functions.

  • Signal Processing: They can be utilized in various signal processing circuits to modify voltage levels, impedance, or signal characteristics.

  • Communication Systems: Used in communications equipment to manage signal levels and ensure compatibility between different components.

  • Test Equipment: Transformers are often employed in test and measurement equipment to manipulate signal levels or match impedances.

Transformers like the ADTL2-18+ from Mini-Circuits play a crucial role in electronic circuits for signal processing, impedance matching, and voltage conversion. They are essential components in various applications across industries such as telecommunications, RF systems, test and measurement, and more. For specific details about the electrical characteristics and performance of this transformer, it is recommended to refer to the datasheet or technical documentation provided by Mini-Circuits.

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