ALD910017SALI: Overview, Features, and Applications

The ALD910017SALI is an enhanced N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistor (FET) array produced by Advanced Linear Devices Inc.



The ALD910017SALI is part of a series of precision FET arrays designed for enhanced precision, low noise, and low input bias current. These FET arrays are known for their stable and reliable performance in various analog applications.


The ALD910017SALI typically includes the following features:

  1. Enhancement Mode FETs: All devices in the array are N-channel enhancement mode FETs, offering straightforward biasing and ease of use.
  2. Multiple Devices: This array generally consists of multiple FETs in a single package, allowing for simplified circuit design and board layout.
  3. Low Input Bias Current: The FET array is designed with low input bias current, making it suitable for applications where minimizing input current is critical.
  4. Low Noise: These FETs often offer low noise operation, making them suitable for precision analog front-end applications.
  5. High Input Impedance: Typically characterized by high input impedance, enabling sensor interfacing and other high-impedance applications.
  6. High Stability: Known for offering high stability over temperature and time, critical for precision and reliability in long-term use.


The ALD910017SALI FET array can be used in various precision analog applications, including:

  1. Precision Instrumentation: It can be employed in precision measurement instruments such as voltmeters, multimeters, and data acquisition systems.
  2. Sensor Interfaces: Due to its high input impedance, it can interface with various sensors where high impedance matching is essential.
  3. Medical Devices: Often used in medical instrumentation and diagnostic equipment where precision and stability are crucial.
  4. Industrial Control Systems: These FET arrays find applications in control and monitoring systems in industrial settings.
  5. Electronic Test Equipment: Used in electronic testing and calibration instruments due to their precision and stability characteristics.

Additional Considerations:

When selecting the ALD910017SALI for a specific application, it is essential to consider factors such as input bias requirements, noise specifications, and the number of FETs needed in the array. Additionally, the compatibility of the package, pin configuration, and any PCB layout requirements is crucial. Lastly, for long-term applications, the long-term stability of the FET array over temperature and operational lifetime should be evaluated.

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