AT17LV002-10JI:Configuration, function, application field

The AT17LV002-10JI is a specific product identifier for a 2-megabit serial configuration EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) manufactured by Microchip (formerly Atmel). Here is an overview of its configuration, function, and potential application fields:



  • Memory Size: The AT17LV002-10JI has a memory size of 2 megabits (256K x 8) which can store configuration data or program code.
  • Interface: It features a serial interface for communication with the host microcontroller or peripherals.
  • Voltage Requirements: The specific voltage requirements for the device could vary but typically it operates at standard voltage levels.
  • DataSheet AT17LV002-10JI PDF


  • Programmable Memory: The EEPROM offers non-volatile memory that can be programmed and reprogrammed electrically.
  • Configuration Storage: It is typically used to store configuration data or settings for field-programmable devices, FPGAs, microcontrollers, or other digital systems.
  • Read and Write Functions: Allows for reading and writing data in a serial manner, with specific protocols and timings for communication.

Application Field:

  • FPGA Configuration: Commonly used in the configuration of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) where it stores the initial configuration data.
  • Embedded Systems: Employed in various embedded systems applications where non-volatile memory is needed for storing critical parameters or settings.
  • Consumer Electronics: Used in consumer electronics products for storing configuration information, device parameters, or firmware.
  • Networking Equipment: Found in networking devices like routers, switches, and modems for storing configuration settings.
  • Industrial Automation: Utilized in industrial automation systems for configuration storage, firmware settings, or calibration data.


  • Configuration of the AT17LV002-10JI involves programming specific data into memory according to the requirements of the system it is being used in.
  • The function of this EEPROM revolves around storing and retaining critical configuration data reliably.
  • It is commonly applied in scenarios where non-volatile memory with serial communication capability is necessary for system operation.

For detailed technical specifications, electrical characteristics, and application notes, it is advisable to refer to the official datasheet and technical documentation provided by Microchip (now part of Microchip). Additionally, manufacturer guidelines and application notes can provide specific insights into the optimal use and integration of the AT17LV002-10JI EEPROM within electronic systems.


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