AT24C02-10PC: Overview,parameter,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models

AT24C02-10PC EEPROM Detailed Introduction:


The AT24C02-10PC is a 2-wire serial EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) chip manufactured by Microchip Technology. It offers 256 bytes of memory storage organized into 32 pages of 8 bytes each.



  • Memory Size: 256 bytes (2K bits).
  • I2C Interface: 2-wire bus communication for interfacing with microcontrollers.
  • Operating Voltage: Voltage range required for proper operation.
  • Operating Speed: Speed at which data can be read/written.
  • Retain time: Data retention time when power is removed.
  • DataSheet AT24C02-10PC PDF

Main Uses:

  • Data Storage: Storing configuration data, calibration constants, or small amounts of user data.
  • Embedded Systems: Used in various embedded applications requiring non-volatile memory.
  • Identification: Storing unique device identifiers or settings.
  • Security Tokens: Secure storage of encryption keys or authentication data.


  • 2-Wire Interface: Utilizes I2C protocol for communication.
  • Non-Volatile: Retains data even when power is removed.
  • Small Footprint: Compact size for integration into various systems.
  • Low Power Consumption: Ideal for power-sensitive applications.
  • Page Write Capability: Allows for efficient batch writing of data.

Application Fields:

  • Embedded Systems: Common in microcontroller-based designs.
  • IoT Devices: Providing non-volatile memory in Internet of Things applications.
  • Smart Sensors: Storing calibration data and device settings.
  • Wearables: Configuration storage in small electronic devices.

Working Principle:

  • I2C Communication: Data transfer between the EEPROM and the microcontroller using serial communication.
  • Write Operation: Data is written by providing the device address, memory address, and data bytes to be stored.
  • Read Operation: Data retrieval involves specifying the device address and memory location to read from.
  • Addressing: Chips are typically addressable, allowing the connection of multiple devices on the same bus.

Alternative Models:

  • AT24C04: Higher capacity 4K-bit (512 bytes) EEPROM from the same AT24C series.
  • AT24C01A: Lower capacity 1K-bit (128 bytes) EEPROM for smaller storage needs.
  • 24LC16B: Similar I2C EEPROM from Microchip with 16K-bit capacity.

The AT24C02-10PC EEPROM is a versatile memory chip suitable for various embedded applications requiring non-volatile memory storage. Consider alternative models like the AT24C04 or 24LC16B for higher-capacity requirements or specific project constraints. Detailed datasheets and specifications should guide your selection process based on the project's memory storage needs and compatibility with the system architecture.

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