AT45DB161D-SU: Main functions, application areas and alternative models

The AT45DB161D-SU is an 16-megabit (2M x 8-bit/1M x 16-bit) DataFlash® memory product from Adesto Technologies (now part of Dialog Semiconductor, which is a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation). Here is an overview of its main functions, application areas, and potential alternative models:


Main Functions:

  1. Data Storage: Provides non-volatile data storage in a flash memory format.
  2. SPI Interface: Utilizes a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for communication, enabling fast and easy integration into various systems.
  3. Multiple Sectors: Organized into multiple sectors for efficient data management and storage.
  4. Low Power Consumption: Engineered for low-power operation, making it suitable for battery-powered devices.
  5. Reliability: Offers high reliability and data retention properties typical of flash memory technology.
  6. DataSheet AT45DB161D-SU PDF

Application Areas:

  1. Embedded Systems: Ideal for various embedded systems applications requiring non-volatile memory storage, such as microcontrollers, sensors, and IoT devices.
  2. Industrial Control Systems: Integrated into industrial control systems and automation equipment for data logging, configuration storage, and firmware updates.
  3. Consumer Electronics: Found in consumer electronics like set-top boxes, printers, routers, and smart home devices for data storage purposes.
  4. Automotive Electronics: Employed in automotive applications for storing data such as configuration settings, event logs, and firmware updates.
  5. Telecommunications: Used in networking equipment, telecommunications devices, and data storage systems for firmware storage and configuration data.

Alternative Models:

Here are some alternative flash memory models from different manufacturers that can be considered based on requirements:

  1. W25Q16BV by Winbond Electronics Corporation
  2. M25P16 by Micron Technology
  3. S25FL116K by Cypress Semiconductor (now part of Infineon Technologies)
  4. MX25L1606E by Macronix International
  5. EN25F16-100HIP by Eon Silicon Solutions

While these models offer similar functionalities and interfaces, they may vary in areas such as capacity, access times, power consumption, and package options. It is recommended to review datasheets and specifications provided by the manufacturers to determine which model best fits the specific project requirements.

For the most up-to-date and accurate information about the AT45DB161D-SU DataFlash memory device, including its features, specifications, and potential alternatives, I recommend referring to the official documentation provided by Dialog Semiconductor or Renesas Electronics Corporation.


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