ATMEGA328P Microchip Technology Microcontroller Pinout, Datasheet, Schematic and Uses

ATmega328P Microcontroller Overview:

The ATmega328P, manufactured by Microchip Technology (formerly Atmel Corporation), is a popular 8-bit microcontroller known for its versatility and widespread use in embedded systems and DIY projects. Here’s a detailed introduction covering its pinout, datasheet, schematic, and common applications:

Pinout of ATmega328P:

The ATmega328P is available in various package types, such as PDIP, MLF, and TQFP. The pinout includes multiple general-purpose I/O pins, analog and digital communication interfaces, power supply pins, and programming/debugging pins. Here is a general overview of its pinout:

ATmega328P Pinout Diagram


  • Manufacturer: Microchip Technology
  • Part Number: ATmega328P
  • Datasheet: The datasheet provides comprehensive technical information including electrical characteristics, pin configurations, register descriptions, memory organization, instruction set, and more. Access the datasheet on the Microchip website or through electronics component databases.
  • DataSheet ATMEGA328P-PU PDF


  • The schematic for integrating the ATmega328P into a circuit typically includes connections for power (VCC and GND), external clock source, programming/debugging interfaces (e.g., ISP, UART), and peripheral components like decoupling capacitors for stability. Various development platforms, Arduino being a popular one, offer standard schematics for using the ATmega328P in projects.

Uses and Applications:

  • Embedded Systems: Widely employed in embedded systems for diverse applications due to its reliability and flexibility.
  • DIY Projects: Integral to hobbyist projects involving automation, robotics, sensor interfacing, and more.
  • Arduino Development: Serves as the core microcontroller for several Arduino boards like the Arduino Uno, making it popular in the maker community.
  • IoT Devices: Powers Internet of Things devices for control, data processing, and communication.
  • Educational Purposes: Commonly used in educational environments to teach microcontroller programming, electronics, and embedded systems design.

Key Features:

  • 8-bit AVR Microcontroller: Suitable for applications requiring moderate processing capabilities.
  • Flash Memory: Built-in flash memory for storing program code.
  • EEPROM and SRAM: Supporting non-volatile and volatile data storage requirements.
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC): Facilitating analog sensor data acquisition.
  • Timers and Counters: Valuable for generating PWM signals, timing operations, and other tasks.


  • For detailed technical specifics, refer to the ATmega328P datasheet available from Microchip Technology.
  • Arduino’s user-friendly programming environment is often used with the ATmega328P, offering a seamless platform for both beginners and experienced developers.

The ATmega328P microcontroller from Microchip Technology is a versatile and extensively employed component in a wide range of projects and applications, thanks to its robust feature set and ease of integration.

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