The AVMATRIX FE1121 20KM 3G-SDI Fiber-Optic Extender is a device designed to extend the reach of SDI video signals using fiber-optic cabling. Here's a brief overview of its key features and typical applications:


Key Features:

  1. 3G-SDI Support: Capable of transmitting SDI video signals up to 3G-SDI standard, which includes support for various video resolutions and frame rates.

  2. Fiber-Optic Transmission: Utilizes fiber-optic technology to extend the range of SDI signals over longer distances compared to traditional copper cabling, making it suitable for applications requiring long-distance signal transmission.

  3. 20KM Range: The extender is designed to reliably transmit SDI signals over distances of up to 20 kilometers, making it suitable for use in large venues, outdoor events, and broadcasting installations requiring long cable runs.

  4. Compact Design: Often designed to be compact and rack-mountable for ease of integration into existing video setups and installations.

  5. Plug-and-Play: Typically designed for easy setup and operation without requiring complex configuration, making it suitable for various professional and broadcast video applications.

  6. Signal Integrity: Designed to maintain the integrity of SDI signals over long distances, ensuring minimal signal degradation and high-quality video transmission.

  7. Equalization and Reclocking: Many extenders include features for signal equalization and reclocking, ensuring that the transmitted signal is clean and reliable at the receiving end.

  8. Compatibility: May support multiple generations of SDI standards, such as SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI, providing versatility in various video production environments.

Typical Applications:

  1. Broadcasting: Used in broadcast studios and OB vans for transmitting high-quality SDI video signals over long distances, such as between cameras, switchers, and video routers.

  2. Live Events and Concerts: Ideal for live events and concerts where long cable runs are necessary to connect video sources, displays, and video processing equipment.

  3. Sports Venues: Deployed in sports venues and stadiums for connecting various video sources, displays, and production equipment distributed across a large area.

  4. Conference Centers and Auditoriums: Used to transmit high-definition video signals over extended distances in conference rooms, auditoriums, and large meeting spaces.

  5. Telemedicine and Remote Diagnosis: Applied in medical environments where high-quality video signals need to be transmitted over long distances for telemedicine and remote diagnosis applications.

  6. Security and Surveillance: Used for long-distance transmission of high-definition video feeds in security and surveillance systems, such as in large-scale facilities and outdoor security deployments.

Overall, the AVMATRIX FE1121 20KM 3G-SDI Fiber-Optic Extender serves as a reliable solution to extend the reach of SDI video signals over long distances, ensuring high-quality and reliable video transmission in various professional video and broadcast applications.

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