BAV199LT1G ON Semiconductor DIODE ARRAY GP 70V 215MA SOT23-3

The BAV199LT1G is a diode array manufactured by ON Semiconductor. Here are the key specifications and details about this component:


  • Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor
  • Model: BAV199LT1G
  • Type: Diode Array
  • Configuration: General Purpose (GP)
  • Voltage Rating: 70V
  • Current Rating: 215mA
  • Package: SOT23-3 (Small Outline Transistor SOT23-3)
  • DataSheet BAV199LT1G PDF

Key Features:

  1. Diode Array: The BAV199LT1G is an array of diodes, typically used for different purposes such as rectification, signal demodulation, or voltage clamping.

  2. Voltage Rating (70V): This indicates the maximum voltage the diode can withstand in reverse bias.

  3. Current Rating (215mA): The maximum current the diode can handle without being damaged.

  4. Package (SOT23-3): The SOT23-3 package is a small surface-mount package with three pins.

Main Specifications and Uses:

  • General-Purpose Diodes: Suitable for various general-purpose applications in electronic circuits where diodes are required.

  • Voltage Clamping: Can be used for voltage clamping applications to protect sensitive components from voltage spikes.

  • Rectification: Ideal for rectification in low-power circuits.

  • Signal Demodulation: Can be employed in signal demodulation circuits, among various other functions.

Working Principle:

  • When forward-biased, diodes in the array allow current flow in one direction, offering a low resistance path.

  • When reverse-biased, diodes prevent the flow of current unless the voltage reaches the breakdown voltage (70V in this case), where they start conducting.

Typical Applications:

  • Voltage Regulation: Use in voltage regulation circuits, especially for lower voltage applications.

  • Voltage Protection: Employed in circuits to protect sensitive components from voltage spikes.

  • Signal Processing: Utilized in signal processing circuits for signal demodulation or conditioning.

  • Logic Circuits: Embedded in digital logic circuits for various functions.

The BAV199LT1G diode array from ON Semiconductor is a versatile component suitable for a range of electronic applications where general-purpose diodes are required. Its voltage and current ratings, along with the SOT23-3 package, make it suitable for compact designs and applications where space is limited. Make sure to consult the official datasheet for detailed specifications and usage guidelines before incorporating this component into your electronic circuit design.

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