BLP15H9S30GZ Ampleon BLP15H9S30G/SOT1483/REELDP

The BLP15H9S30GZ is a high-power LDMOS transistor manufactured by Ampleon. Here are some details about this component:


  • Manufacturer: Ampleon
  • Model: BLP15H9S30GZ
  • Package: SOT1483/REELDP
  • Type: LDMOS Transistor
  • DataSheet

    BLP15H9S30GZ PDF

Key Features:

  1. LDMOS Transistor: LDMOS (Laterally Diffused Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) transistors are commonly used in RF and microwave power amplifiers due to their high power capabilities, efficiency, and ruggedness.

  2. High Power: The BLP15H9S30GZ is designed to handle high power levels, suitable for applications that require high output power.

  3. Package Type: The SOT1483/REELDP package is a surface-mount package designed for ease of assembly onto printed circuit boards.

Main Specifications and Uses:

  • RF Power Amplification: LDMOS transistors like the BLP15H9S30GZ are frequently used in RF power amplifiers for applications such as wireless communication systems, radar systems, and broadcasting.

  • Broadband Applications: This transistor may be suitable for broadband RF amplification in various frequency ranges.

  • Efficiency: LDMOS transistors are known for their high efficiency, making them ideal for applications where power efficiency is crucial.

Working Principle:

LDMOS transistors operate as amplifiers, taking a low-power RF signal at the input and amplifying it to a higher power level at the output. This amplification process is crucial in many RF and microwave applications where signal strength needs to be increased for transmission or reception.

Typical Applications:

  • RF Power Amplifiers: In RF power amplifiers used in wireless infrastructure, such as base stations, repeaters, and RF communication systems.

  • Broadcasting: In broadcasting applications like FM/AM transmitters, television transmitters, or digital broadcasting systems.

  • Radar Systems: In radar systems for signal amplification to enhance detection capabilities.


Ampleon is known for providing high-performance RF power products for various applications including industrial, scientific, medical, broadcast, aerospace, and defense sectors.

The BLP15H9S30GZ LDMOS transistor from Ampleon is designed to deliver high power amplification in RF applications where efficiency and reliability are crucial. For detailed electrical characteristics, performance specifications, and application guidelines, referring to the datasheet provided by Ampleon is recommended.

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