BSS123-7-F: Overview, Features, and Applications

The BSS123-7-F is an N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistor (FET) designed for general purpose amplifier and switching applications. Here's an overview of its features and typical applications:


  • Type: N-channel Enhancement Mode Field-Effect Transistor (FET)
  • Package: SOT-23
  • Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor



  1. Enhancement Mode: Operates in the enhancement mode, meaning it requires a positive voltage at the gate relative to the source to allow current flow between the drain and source terminals.

  2. Low Threshold Voltage: With a low threshold voltage, it's easily switched on with low gate-to-source voltage, fitting well for low-power applications.

  3. Small Package: The SOT-23 package allows for easy integration into space-constrained environments and is suitable for modern electronics manufacturing.

  4. Low Input and Output Capacitance: This feature allows for efficient integration into high-frequency applications and minimizes the capacitive loading of driving circuits.

  5. Fast Switching Speed: The FET features fast switching characteristics, making it suitable for high-speed applications.


  1. Signal Switching: Commonly used for signal switching applications in various electronic systems due to its low power operation and compact size.

  2. Load Switching: Used as a switch to control power supply to various sub-circuits, especially in battery-operated and portable devices, aiding in efficient power management.

  3. Signal Amplification: In low-power and moderate-frequency applications, the BSS123-7-F can be used for signal amplification, leveraging its FET properties.

  4. Level Shifting: Due to its low threshold voltage, it is also suitable for level-shifting applications, facilitating interfacing between different voltage domains.

  5. Oscillator Circuits: Utilized in oscillator and waveform generation circuits, particularly in low-power or small-scale integrated systems where efficient power utilization is crucial.

  6. Voltage Regulation: It can be employed in voltage regulator circuits, especially in low-power applications where low threshold voltage and compact form factor are advantageous.

The BSS123-7-F FET is widely used in various digital and analog circuits, particularly in portable devices, and applications where space and power efficiency are critical.

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