BSS138BKS,115: Overview, Features, and Applications

The BSS138BKS,115 is an N-channel Small Signal MOSFET manufactured by Nexperia. Here's an overview of its features and applications:


  • Type: N-channel Small Signal MOSFET
  • Package: SOT-23
  • Manufacturer: Nexperia
  • Polarity: Unipolar device, conducting current in one direction with low gate-to-source voltage control.



  1. Low Threshold Voltage: The MOSFET has a low threshold voltage, making it suitable for low-voltage applications.
  2. Small Package: The SOT-23 package is designed for surface-mount applications, providing high packing density and efficient use of board space.
  3. Enhancement Mode: It is an enhancement mode MOSFET, requiring a positive voltage at the gate relative to the source to allow conduction between the drain and source terminals.
  4. Low Input and Output Capacitance: This enables it to be used in high-frequency applications and minimizes loading effects on driving circuits.
  5. High Voltage Capability: The BSS138BKS,115 has a relatively high voltage capability that makes it suitable for various voltage level shifting and low-power switching applications.


  1. Signal Switching: The BSS138BKS,115 is commonly used for signal switching in various low-power digital and analog applications.
  2. Level Shifting: Due to its low threshold voltage, it is suitable for level-shifting applications when interfacing between different voltage domains.
  3. Load Switching: It is used as a switch to control power supply to various sub-circuits, particularly in low-power and battery-operated devices.
  4. Voltage Regulation: In low-power applications, it can be employed in voltage regulator circuits where a low threshold voltage and small form factor are advantageous.
  5. Signal Amplification: It can be used for signal amplification in low-frequency and low-power applications.
  6. Oscillator Circuits: The MOSFET can be utilized in oscillator and waveform generation circuits, especially in low-power or small-scale integrated systems.

The BSS138BKS,115 MOSFET is widely used in various low-power and moderate-power digital and analog circuits, especially in portable devices and applications where space and power efficiency are critical.

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