BSS138WH6327XTSA1: Main functions, application areas and alternative models

The part number BSS138WH6327XTSA1 corresponds to a specific variant of the BSS138 series N-channel MOSFET transistor manufactured by Infineon Technologies. Here's an overview of its main functions, typical application areas, and alternative models:


Main Functions: The BSS138WH6327XTSA1 N-channel MOSFET transistor offers the following main functions:

  1. Switching: MOSFET transistors like the BSS138WH6327XTSA1 are primarily used as electronic switches, controlling the flow of current in a circuit. They can efficiently turn on and off the current flow based on voltage signals applied to their gate terminal.

  2. Signal Amplification: While MOSFETs are commonly used for switching applications, they can also be utilized for signal amplification in certain circuits where voltage gain is required.

Application Areas: The BSS138WH6327XTSA1 N-channel MOSFET transistor has various application areas, including:

  1. Low-Voltage Switching: Due to its low voltage rating, the BSS138WH6327XTSA1 is often employed in low-voltage switching applications. It can handle relatively small currents and voltages, making it suitable for battery-operated devices and low-power systems.

  2. Level Shifting: MOSFETs are commonly used for level shifting applications. The BSS138WH6327XTSA1 can be utilized to shift voltage levels between different logic or signal levels in electronic circuits, aiding signal compatibility between different components.

  3. Load Control: The BSS138WH6327XTSA1 can act as a switch for load control in various applications. It can be used to control power supplied to loads such as motors, LEDs, and relays.

Alternative Models: When seeking alternative models to the BSS138WH6327XTSA1, you can consider similar N-channel MOSFET transistors with comparable specifications. Here are a few alternatives:

  1. 2N7002: The 2N7002 is a popular N-channel MOSFET transistor used for low-power switching applications. It has a voltage rating and current handling capabilities similar to the BSS138WH6327XTSA1 and can serve as a suitable alternative.

  2. IRLML2502: The IRLML2502 is another N-channel MOSFET suitable for low-power switching operations. It shares similarities in terms of voltage and current ratings with the BSS138WH6327XTSA1, making it a potential alternative.

  3. BS170: The BS170 is an N-channel MOSFET transistor used for low-to-medium power applications. It offers comparable voltage and current ratings to the BSS138WH6327XTSA1 and can be considered as an alternative for certain applications.


When selecting alternative models, carefully review datasheets and compare specifications to ensure they meet the specific requirements of your application in terms of voltage, current, power dissipation, and package type.

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