BSS84-7-F Diodes MOSFET P-CH 50V 130MA SOT23-3

The BSS84-7-F is a P-channel MOSFET transistor manufactured by Diodes Incorporated. This MOSFET is used for various switching and amplification applications. Here is an overview of the BSS84-7-F MOSFET:


BSS84-7-F MOSFET Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Diodes Incorporated
  • Part Number: BSS84-7-F
  • Type: P-Channel MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor)
  • Package: SOT-23-3 (3-pin small outline transistor package)
  • Voltage Rating: 50V
  • Current Rating: 130mA
  • DataSheet BSS84-7-F PDF

Key Features:

  • P-Channel MOSFET: In a P-channel MOSFET, current flows when a negative voltage is applied to the gate.
  • Low Voltage: Rated for up to 50V drain-source voltage.
  • Moderate Current Handling: Capable of handling up to 130mA of continuous current.
  • SOT-23 Package: A small surface-mount package suitable for space-constrained applications.


The BSS84-7-F MOSFET can be used in various electronic circuits for functions such as:

  • Power Management: Switching applications due to its low on-state resistance.
  • Signal Processing: Amplification and signal switching applications.
  • Voltage Regulation: Circuitry involving voltage level shifting or regulation.
  • Battery Management: Controlling and protecting battery-powered devices.
  • Load Switching: Turning on and off loads in circuits.

Working Principle:

  • As a P-channel MOSFET, the BSS84-7-F conducts current when a negative voltage (relative to the source) is applied to the gate terminal.
  • It can act as a high-speed switch or amplifier in electronic circuits depending on the biasing and configuration.

Suggested Projects:

  • Logic Level Conversion: Shifting voltage levels between different parts of a circuit.
  • Power Switching: Controlling power to peripherals or subsystems within a device.
  • Motor Control: Driving small motors or actuators.
  • Battery Protection: Preventing over-discharge by cutting off power at low voltages.
  • Signal Routing: Orchestrating the flow of signals in audio or data circuits.


  • Refer to the datasheet provided by Diodes Incorporated for detailed specifications, including on-state resistance, gate threshold voltage, and other performance characteristics.
  • Understanding the MOSFET's characteristics like threshold voltage and maximum ratings is crucial for proper integration and circuit design.

The BSS84-7-F P-channel MOSFET from Diodes Incorporated is a versatile component suitable for power management, signal processing, and voltage regulation tasks in electronic circuits, offering a balance of voltage rating, current handling capability, and compact packaging in the SOT-23-3 form factor.

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