BT134-600,127: Overview,parameter,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models

BT134-600,127 Thyristor Detailed Introduction:


The BT134-600,127 is a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) or thyristor designed for use in medium-power switching applications, offering reliable and controlled switching of AC or DC loads.



  • Voltage Rating: Maximum voltage the thyristor can handle.
  • Current Rating: Maximum current the thyristor can conduct.
  • Gate Trigger Voltage: Voltage required to turn on the thyristor.
  • Gate Trigger Current: Current required to initiate conduction.
  • Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage: Maximum reverse voltage the thyristor can block.
  • Repetitive Peak Forward Blocking Current: Maximum forward blocking current.
  • DataSheet BT134-600,127 PDF

Main Uses:

  • Power Control: Used for switching and controlling power to loads.
  • Light Dimming: Adjusting the intensity of lamps and lighting fixtures.
  • Heating Control: Regulating heating elements in appliances.
  • Motor Speed Control: Varying the speed of motors in appliances.


  • SCR Design: Silicon Controlled Rectifier for power switching applications.
  • High Voltage Rating: Able to handle moderate to high voltage levels.
  • Reliable Switching: Offers controlled switching of AC or DC loads.
  • Overcurrent Protection: Protects against excessive current flow.
  • Fast Turn-On and Turn-Off: Enables precise control of power flow.

Application Fields:

  • Home Appliances: Used in devices like dimmer switches, fan speed controllers.
  • Industrial Equipment: Employed in motor control, power supplies, and automation.
  • Lighting Systems: Dimmers for adjusting light intensity in residential and commercial settings.
  • Power Tools: Control circuits for managing power to tools and equipment.

Working Principle:

  • Forward Blocking State: The thyristor does not conduct in the forward direction until triggered.
  • Gate Triggering: Application of a sufficient voltage or current to the gate turns the thyristor on.
  • Conduction Phase: Once triggered, the thyristor conducts until the current drops below a certain level.
  • Latching: The thyristor remains conducting until the current through it is interrupted or drops below a holding current level.

Alternative Models:

  • BT136: Higher current rating alternative to the BT134 series.
  • BT169G: Lower power SCR suitable for control applications.
  • MAC97A6: Compact and efficient alternative for light dimming circuits.

The BT134-600,127 serves as a reliable Silicon Controlled Rectifier for medium-power switching applications, providing controlled power management for various loads. Potential alternatives like the BT136 or MAC97A6 offer variations in current handling or characteristics, enabling customizability for different applications. Review datasheets for detailed specifications when selecting the most suitable device for a specific use case.

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