CD4017BE: Overview,parameter,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models

CD4017BE Decade Counter/Divider Detailed Introduction:


The CD4017BE is a CMOS-based integrated circuit (IC) that acts as a versatile decade counter/divider with 10 decoded outputs. It is commonly used in sequential logic applications to divide clock signals and drive various outputs in a sequence.



  • Supply Voltage Range: Typically operates from 3V to 18V.
  • Maximum Clock Frequency: Determines the speed at which the IC can count.
  • Output Current: Specifies the maximum current the outputs can sink.
  • Operating Temperature Range: Indicates the acceptable temperature range for reliable operation.
  • Propagation Delay: Time taken for the output to respond to a change in the input.

Main Uses:

  • Sequential Logic: Counting and sequencing applications.
  • LED Chasers: Driving LEDs in a sequential pattern.
  • Dividing Clock Signals: Generating divided clock outputs for timing applications.
  • Automotive Lighting: Sequential lighting effects in automotive applications.


  • Decade Counter: Progresses through ten outputs sequentially with each clock pulse.
  • Reset Function: Can be reset to a specific output state.
  • CMOS Technology: Low power consumption and high noise immunity.
  • Decoded Outputs: Simplifies interfacing with external components.
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range: Flexible operation from low to moderate voltages.

Application Fields:

  • LED Displays: Driving LED arrays for various visual effects.
  • Automotive Electronics: Sequential lighting in cars and motorcycles.
  • Digital Timers: Generating sequential timing triggers.
  • Control Systems: Sequential logic in automation and control applications.

Working Principle:

  • Clock Input: Receives clock pulses to advance through its outputs.
  • Decoding Logic: Determines the active output based on the current count.
  • Output Enable: Enables or disables the output as required.
  • Reset Functionality: Resets the counter to a specific state, often the beginning.

Alternative Models:

  • CD4022: Octal counter with similar functionality in a different package.
  • CD4040: 12-stage binary counter/divider with additional divisions.
  • CD4060: 14-bit binary counter with built-in oscillator for clock signal generation.

The CD4017BE is a widely used IC in digital electronics for creating sequential logic circuits and driving outputs in a specified sequence. Alternative models like the CD4022 and CD4040 offer similar functionalities with variations in the number of stages and output configurations. Select the appropriate IC based on your specific application requirements and desired functionality, ensuring compatibility with the overall system design.

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