CDM2206-800LR SL PBFREE: Overview, Features, and Applications

The CDM2206-800LR SL PBFREE, also known as CDM2206-800LR, is a specific model of Surface Mount Power Inductor manufactured by Central Semiconductor. Here's a brief overview, along with potential features and applications:



The CDM2206-800LR SL PBFREE is a surface mount power inductor, designed to store and release energy in the form of a magnetic field. These inductors are commonly used in various electronic applications, especially those involving DC-DC converters, as well as filtering and energy storage circuits.


Inductors in the CDM2206 series typically offer a range of features that make them suitable for power supply and filtering applications:

  1. High Current Handling: This inductor model is designed to handle relatively high currents typical in power supply applications.

  2. Low Resistance: The inductor offers low DC resistance, minimizing power loss and heat dissipation.

  3. Shielded Construction: Shielded inductors help minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and are often preferred in sensitive analog or RF circuitry.

  4. High Energy Storage: It features a relatively high energy storage capacity, suitable for power-related applications.

  5. Surface Mount Design: The surface mount form factor facilitates easy integration onto circuit boards, aiding space-saving designs and automated assembly processes.

  6. RoHS Compliance (PBFREE): This inductor complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive, ensuring it is free of certain hazardous materials, making it environmentally friendly.


The CDM2206-800LR SL PBFREE inductor is commonly used in a variety of electronic applications, including:

  1. DC-DC Converters: Inductors are a critical part of DC-DC converter circuits, used to store and release energy, and smooth out voltage fluctuations.

  2. Power Management: Integrated into power management systems within various electronic devices to regulate and manage power flow.

  3. EMI Filtering: Utilized in circuits for filtering and minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) produced by electronic devices.

  4. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs): Embedded within electronic devices, especially those with space constraints, due to their small form factor.

  5. Automotive Electronics: Commonly found in automotive electronic systems, including in power supply circuits for various automotive components.

Additional Considerations:

When considering the CDM2206-800LR SL PBFREE for an application, it's important to verify that the inductor's electrical and physical characteristics align with the operational requirements of the specific circuit, including current handling, inductance values, and space constraints. It's also crucial to ensure that the inductor is compatible with the targeted assembly process and is compliant with relevant RoHS standards for environmental considerations.

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