CDSOT23-SM712 Bourns TVS DIODE 7V/12V 14V/26V SOT23-3

The CDSOT23-SM712 is a TVS (Transient Voltage Suppression) diode manufactured by Bourns, designed to protect electronic circuits from transient voltage spikes. Here is a detailed introduction to the CDSOT23-SM712 TVS diode:


1. Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Bourns
  • Part Number: CDSOT23-SM712
  • Type: TVS Diode (Transient Voltage Suppression Diode)
  • Voltage Ratings: 7V/12V (Clamping), 14V/26V (Peak Pulse)
  • Package: SOT-23-3 (Small Outline Transistor Package with 3 Leads)

2. Key Specifications:

  • Clamping Voltage (V<sub>c</sub>): 7V/12V
  • Peak Pulse Voltage (V<sub>pp</sub>): 14V/26V
  • Package Type: SOT-23-3 package with three leads
  • Fast Response Time: Rapid reaction to transient voltage spikes
  • RoHS Compliant: Lead-free construction for environmental compliance
  • DataSheet CDSOT23-SM712 PDF

3. Features and Applications:

  • Transient Voltage Suppression: Protects sensitive electronic components from transient voltage events.
  • Voltage Ratings: Clamping at 7V/12V and peak pulse voltage of 14V/26V.
  • Package Type: SOT-23-3 package for surface-mount applications.
  • Fast Response Time: Quick reaction to voltage spikes to safeguard downstream components.
  • RoHS Compliance: Lead-free construction aligning with environmental standards.

4. Package Information:

  • SOT-23-3 Package: Compact and suitable for surface-mount applications in modern electronics.

5. Applications:

  • ESD Protection: Guards against Electrostatic Discharge events that can damage sensitive electronics.
  • Transient Voltage Protection: Shields circuits from voltage spikes caused by lightning, ESD, or other transient events.
  • Circuit Protection: Used in various electronic systems to prevent damage from voltage transients.
  • Signal and Data Lines: Protects signal and data lines in communication systems and interfaces.
  • Power Supply Protection: Safeguards power supplies and sensitive components from voltage surges.

6. Advantages:

  • Protection: Provides effective protection against voltage surges and spikes.
  • Fast Response: Responds quickly to transient events, safeguarding components.
  • Compact Design: SOT-23-3 package saves board space and is suitable for modern electronic designs.
  • Reliability: Manufactured by Bourns, ensuring quality and performance.

The Bourns CDSOT23-SM712 TVS diode is designed to safeguard electronic circuits from transient voltage events with clamping voltages of 7V/12V and peak pulse voltages of 14V/26V. Its compact SOT-23-3 package and reliable performance make it ideal for applications requiring transient voltage protection in a compact and efficient form factor.

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