CEP125NP-7R2MC-H Sumida Corporation FIXED IND 7.2UH 7.6A 13.5 MOHM

The CEP125NP-7R2MC-H is a fixed inductor manufactured by Sumida Corporation with the following specifications:


  • Type: Fixed Inductor
  • Inductance: 7.2uH (microhenries)
  • Current Rating: 7.6A (Amperes)
  • Resistance: 13.5 milliohms (mΩ)
  • Manufacturer: Sumida Corporation
  • Model: CEP125NP-7R2MC-H
  • DataSheet CEP125NP-7R2MC-H PDF

Key Features:

  1. Inductance (7.2uH): This indicates the ability of the inductor to store energy in a magnetic field. The unit of inductance is microhenries (uH), and in this case, the inductance value is 7.2uH.

  2. Current Rating (7.6A): The inductor is rated to handle a maximum current of 7.6 Amperes without significant degradation in performance.

  3. Resistance (13.5mΩ): The DC resistance of the inductor is 13.5 milliohms, which determines the loss in the inductor when current passes through it.

Main Specifications and Uses:

  • Applications: This inductor can be used in various electronic circuits and power supply designs that require energy storage, filtering, or DC-DC conversion.

  • Current Handling: With a current rating of 7.6A, this inductor is suitable for applications that require handling moderate to high current levels.

  • Inductance Value: The 7.2uH inductance value makes it suitable for applications where energy storage or filtering at medium frequencies is needed.

Working Principle:

Inductors store energy in a magnetic field when current passes through them. When an alternating current flows through the inductor, the magnetic field builds up and collapses, which resists changes in current. This property is often utilized in various circuits for tasks such as energy storage, filtering, reducing voltage spikes, and creating time delays.

In this specific inductor, the 7.2uH inductance, 7.6A current rating, and 13.5mΩ resistance make it suitable for applications where moderate current handling capability and energy storage at a specific inductance value are required.

It's crucial to consider these specifications when selecting and designing circuits to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with the intended application.

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