The CMT-1603-SMT-TR is a piezoelectric audio transducer provided by CUI Devices. Here are its details:


  • Type: Piezoelectric Audio Transducer
  • Voltage: 25V
  • Package/Case: Surface Mount Device (SMD)
  • DataSheet CMT-1603-SMT-TR PDF


The CMT-1603-SMT-TR is a piezoelectric audio transducer designed in a surface mount package, denoted by "SMT" and "TR." The surface mount configuration implies that it is designed for direct PCB (printed circuit board) mounting, making it suitable for automated assembly processes commonly used in modern electronics manufacturing.


As a piezoelectric audio transducer, its primary function is to convert electrical signals into acoustic sound waves. When an alternating voltage is applied to the transducer, it deforms, producing sound waves that are audible to humans. It is designed to operate efficiently at a voltage of 25V, producing an audible alert or tone when powered.

Application Fields:

The CMT-1603-SMT-TR is commonly applied in various electronic devices and systems where acoustic alert signals or sound generation is required, such as:

  1. Consumer Electronics: Used in devices like watches, household appliances, and other consumer electronic products to provide audio alerts or notifications.

  2. Industrial Equipment: Incorporated in industrial control systems, manufacturing equipment, and machinery where audible alerts or feedback are necessary for operational or safety purposes.

  3. Medical Devices: Utilized in medical instruments and devices to produce audible alerts or notifications.

  4. Automotive Electronics: Integrated into automotive electronic systems, such as vehicle alarms and indicators, to provide audible warning signals.

  5. Telecommunications Equipment: Integrated in communication devices and networking equipment for producing audible alerts and tones.

  6. Security Systems: Employed in security and alarm systems to provide audible alerts in response to security breaches or emergencies.

In summary, the CMT-1603-SMT-TR piezoelectric audio transducer is designed for providing audible alerts and sounds in various consumer, industrial, and electronic applications, enhancing user experience and safety by providing clear and effective audio feedback.

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