cr2025 battery: Equivalent, Specifications and Replacements

The CR2025 battery is a common lithium coin cell battery used in various small electronic devices. Here's comprehensive information about the CR2025 battery, including its equivalents, specifications, and potential replacements:


Equivalent Batteries:

The CR2025 battery is also known by various equivalent designations, including:

  • DL2025
  • ECR2025
  • NA
  • KCR2025
  • LM2025
  • 5003LC


The CR2025 battery generally has the following specifications:

  • Chemistry: Lithium
  • Nominal Voltage: 3 volts
  • Capacity: Typically around 160-170 mAh
  • Dimensions: 20mm diameter × 2.5mm height
  • Shape: Coin-shaped
  • DataSheet CR2025 PDF

Common Uses:

CR2025 batteries are commonly used in various electronic devices such as:

  • Watches
  • Calculators
  • Remote controls
  • Key fobs
  • Medical devices
  • CMOS backup batteries in computers
  • Small electronic toys


When needing to replace a CR2025 battery, it's important to ensure that the equivalent battery has the same voltage rating, capacity, and dimensions to fit into the device. Common replacement options include:

  • DL2025
  • ECR2025
  • KCR2025
  • LM2025
  • 5003LC

Buying Considerations:

When purchasing replacements, it's crucial to choose batteries from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and performance. Additionally, consider environmental responsibility by properly disposing of expended batteries or using rechargeable equivalents where possible.

Always ensure the replacements match the specifications of the original battery to avoid potential damage or device malfunction. If uncertain about the specific replacement for your CR2025 battery, consult the device manual or seek professional guidance.

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