cr2032 battery vs 18650 battery

The CR2032 and 18650 batteries are distinct in terms of size, capacity, voltage, and typical applications. Here's a comparison of the two:

CR2032 Battery:

  1. Size: The CR2032 is a small and thin coin cell battery with a diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of 3.2 mm.
  2. Voltage: It provides a nominal voltage of 3 volts.
  3. Capacity: Typical capacity ranges from 200 to 240 milliampere-hours (mAh).
  4. Chemistry: Generally, it uses lithium manganese dioxide (LiMnO2) chemistry.
  5. Typical Use: Typically used in small electronic devices such as watches, calculators, key fobs, and small medical devices.

18650 Battery:

  1. Size: The 18650 is a cylindrical battery with a diameter of 18 mm and a height of 65.0 mm.
  2. Voltage: It provides a nominal voltage of 3.6 to 3.7 volts for lithium-ion variants and 3.2 to 3.3 volts for lithium iron phosphate variants.
  3. Capacity: Capacities generally range from 1800 to 3500 milliampere-hours (mAh) for lithium-ion variants.
  4. Chemistry: Commonly comprises lithium-ion or lithium iron phosphate chemistry.
  5. Typical Use: Frequently utilized in high-power devices such as laptops, flashlights, electric vehicles, and devices requiring high-energy storage and output.




  1. Size and Form Factor: The CR2032 is a small, flat, coin-shaped cell, while the 18650 is a larger cylindrical cell. The physical disparity in size directly affects the capacity and potential applications of the batteries.

  2. Capacity and Power: The 18650 battery is significantly larger and therefore has a much higher capacity and power output compared to the CR2032. This makes it suitable for higher-power applications that require longer runtimes and greater energy output.

  3. Voltage: While both batteries operate at a nominal voltage of around 3 volts, the 18650 has variations in its nominal voltage depending on the specific chemistry, with lithium-ion at 3.6-3.7 volts and lithium iron phosphate at 3.2-3.3 volts.

  4. Applications: CR2032 batteries are predominantly found in small, low-power devices, whereas 18650 batteries are used in high-drain devices that require sustained high power output, such as power tools, laptops, and electric vehicles.

In summary, the CR2032 and 18650 batteries have fundamentally different characteristics, with the 18650 offering significantly higher capacity and power output capabilities. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the device or system being powered, considering factors such as size constraints, power demands, and energy storage needs.

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