CR2032 VS 2025: How To Differentiate?

CR2032 and CR2025 are both coin cell batteries commonly used in various electronic devices. They are similar in size and shape, but they differ in their thickness and capacity. Here are some ways to differentiate between CR2032 and CR2025 batteries:

Everything You Need to Know about CR2032 VS 2025 Battery

CR2032 vs. CR2025 Battery: A Detailed Comparison

1. Physical Dimensions:

  • CR2032: 20mm in diameter, 3.2mm thick.
  • CR2025: 20mm in diameter, 2.5mm thick.

2. Capacity and Power:

  • CR2032: Higher capacity and power output due to its larger thickness.
  • CR2025: Lower capacity compared to CR2032 due to its slim profile.

3. Common Applications:

  • CR2032: Often used in devices requiring higher power or where a thicker battery is acceptable.
  • CR2025: Commonly used in devices where size constraints are more critical and lower power demands are sufficient.

4. Voltage:

  • Both CR2032 and CR2025 batteries typically provide 3 volts of power.

5. Usage Specifics:

  • CR2032: Ideal for devices needing a more extended battery life or higher power consumption.
  • CR2025: Suited for smaller devices with lesser power requirements.

6. Durability and Lifespan:

  • CR2032 batteries often last longer due to their higher capacity when compared to CR2025 batteries.

7. Compatibility:

  • In many cases, devices that can accommodate one type can also function with the other, but it's crucial to match the battery type correctly for optimal performance.

8. Availability and Cost:

  • Both CR2032 and CR2025 batteries are widely available in the market and are relatively cost-effective.

9. Considerations:

  • When replacing batteries in electronic devices, ensure you choose the correct type to maintain functionality and performance.

By understanding these key points, you can make an informed decision when selecting between the CR2032 and CR2025 batteries based on the specific needs of your devices or applications.

A Quick Answer: Can I Use CR2032 In Place Of CR2025?

Yes, in many cases, you can use a CR2032 battery in place of a CR2025 battery as they both have the same diameter with the only difference being in thickness. The CR2032 is slightly thicker than the CR2025. However, when substituting one for the other, you should consider the following:

  1. Fitment: While both have the same diameter, the CR2032 may be thicker, potentially causing fitment issues in devices designed for the slimmer CR2025.

  2. Performance: The CR2032 has a higher capacity compared to the CR2025. In devices with lower power requirements, using a CR2032 might not significantly impact performance but could provide longer battery life.

  3. Voltage: Both batteries provide the same voltage output (3V), so there should be no issue with compatibility in terms of voltage requirements.

  4. Device Compatibility: Check the specific requirements of your device before substituting one battery type for the other to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

While the CR2032 can generally be used in place of a CR2025, it's recommended to use the exact battery type specified by the device manufacturer for the best results.

The Main Differences Between CR2032 And 2025 Battery

The main differences between CR2032 and CR2025 batteries lie in their size, thickness, capacity, and specific applications. Here are the key distinctions:

  1. Size:

    • CR2032: 20mm in diameter, 3.2mm thick.
    • CR2025: 20mm in diameter, 2.5mm thick.
  2. Thickness:

    • CR2032 is thicker than CR2025. This difference in thickness affects the overall capacity and performance of the batteries.
  3. Capacity and Power:

    • CR2032 typically has a higher capacity and power output compared to CR2025 due to its larger size. It can provide more energy to devices requiring a longer runtime or higher power consumption.
  4. Applications:

    • CR2032: Commonly used in devices with higher power requirements or where a thicker battery is acceptable.
    • CR2025: Suited for applications where a slimmer profile is necessary and lower power demands are sufficient.
  5. Duration of Use:

    • CR2032 batteries generally last longer than CR2025 batteries due to their higher capacity and energy output.
  6. Compatibility:

    • Both batteries share the same diameter and voltage (3 volts), making them somewhat interchangeable. However, the thickness difference can affect fitment in certain devices designed specifically for one type over the other.
  7. Cost and Availability:

    • Both CR2032 and CR2025 batteries are commonly available and cost-effective, with widespread use in various electronic devices.
  8. Fitment:

    • While the diameter is the same, the difference in thickness can impact how well a CR2032 fits in a slot designed for a CR2025. In some cases, the extra thickness may cause issues with the battery compartment.

Understanding these differences can help you choose the right battery type based on your device's requirements for power, size, and longevity.




Rohs Code  Yes  Yes
Part Life Cycle Code Active Active
Reach Compliance Code compliant compliant
ECCN Code 3A991.J.1 3A991.J.1
HTS Code 8506.80.00.00 8506.80.00.00
Samacsys Manufacturer Jauch Quartz Jauch Quartz
Approvals UL UL
Battery Size 2032 2025
Capacity 0.24 Ah 0.165 Ah
Diameter 20 mm 20 mm
Height 3.2 mm 2.5 mm
Operating Temperature-Max 70 °C 70 °C
Operating Temperature-Min -30 °C -30 °C
Terminal Type BUTTON(-), FLAT(+) BUTTON(-), FLAT(+)
Voltage 3 V 3 V
Weight 2.9 g 2.4 g
Base Number Matches 1 1

Attentions In Actual Use Of CR2032 And 2025 Battery

When using CR2032 and CR2025 batteries in electronic devices, there are several important considerations to keep in mind to ensure optimal performance and safety. Here are some key attentions to follow in the actual use of CR2032 and CR2025 batteries:

1. Proper Installation:

  • Ensure correct polarity (+/-) when inserting the batteries into devices to prevent damage.

2. Compatibility:

  • Verify that the battery type matches the specifications recommended by the device manufacturer.

3. Storage:

  • Store batteries in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures to maintain their performance.

4. Protection:

  • Avoid short-circuiting the batteries or exposing them to moisture to prevent potential hazards.

5. Replacement:

  • Replace batteries as a set rather than mixing old and new batteries to maintain consistent performance.

6. Disposal:

  • Follow proper disposal guidelines for used batteries, especially since CR2032 and CR2025 batteries contain hazardous materials.

7. Safety:

  • Keep batteries out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion.

8. Monitoring:

  • Monitor battery life and replace them promptly when performance decreases to avoid leakage or damage to the device.

9. Quality Control:

  • Purchase batteries from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and reliability.

10. Environmental Impact:

  • Consider recycling options for used batteries to minimize environmental impact.

By following these attentions and best practices, you can maximize the performance and lifespan of CR2032 and CR2025 batteries while ensuring safety during their use in electronic devices.

How To Buy CR2032 And CR2025 With Good Quality?

When purchasing CR2032 and CR2025 batteries, ensuring good quality is essential for optimal performance and safety. Here are some tips on how to buy these batteries with good quality:

1. Buy from Reputable Brands:

  • Choose batteries from well-known and reputable brands that have a track record of producing reliable products.

2. Check the Expiry Date:

  • Ensure that the batteries are not expired by checking the expiration date on the packaging. Fresh batteries perform better.

3. Verify Authenticity:

  • Purchase from authorized retailers or distributors to avoid counterfeit products, which may be of inferior quality.

4. Read Reviews:

  • Look for reviews and feedback from other buyers to gauge the quality and performance of the batteries.

5. Look for Certifications:

  • Check for certifications such as CE, UL, or RoHS compliance, which indicate that the batteries meet specific quality and safety standards.

6. Packaging Condition:

  • Inspect the packaging for any signs of damage or tampering, as this can affect the quality of the batteries inside.

7. Buy in Bulk from Trusted Sources:

  • Consider buying in bulk from trusted sources if you use these batteries frequently, but be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true.

8. Compare Prices:

  • Compare prices from different retailers to ensure you are getting a fair deal while not compromising on quality.

9. Return Policy:

  • Check the retailer's return policy in case you encounter any issues with the batteries upon purchase.

10. Consider Environmental Impact:

  • Choose environmentally responsible brands or look for options with eco-friendly packaging if sustainability is a concern.

By following these guidelines and being vigilant about the source and quality of the CR2032 and CR2025 batteries you purchase, you can ensure that you are getting reliable products that meet your needs effectively.

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