CRCW04020000Z0ED: Overview, Features, and Applications

The CRCW04020000Z0ED is a specific part number for a surface mount chip resistor. These resistors are commonly used in a wide range of electronic applications. Here's an overview of its features and common applications:


The CRCW04020000Z0ED is a thick film chip resistor manufactured by Vishay. The "CRCW" prefix and "0402" size designation indicate that it is a surface mount resistor in the 0402 package size. The "Z" denotes a standard tolerance of 5%, and "0ED" represents the resistance value of the resistor.



  1. Thick Film Technology: The CRCW04020000Z0ED uses thick film resistor technology, which involves depositing a resistive film onto a ceramic substrate.

  2. Small 0402 Package: The 0402 package size is compact, allowing for high-density mounting on PCBs and making it suitable for miniaturized electronic devices.

  3. Standard Tolerance: This resistor offers a standard tolerance of 5%, which is common for general electronic applications.

  4. Zero-ohm Resistor: The "0000" in the part number indicates a resistance value of 0 ohms, meaning it behaves as a jumper or shorting link, effectively connecting two points of a circuit without introducing resistance.

  5. Surface Mount Compatibility: The surface mount design enables easy and automated assembly onto printed circuit boards (PCBs).

  6. Operating Temperature Range: Typically, these resistors have a wide operating temperature range suitable for various environmental conditions.


The CRCW04020000Z0ED and similar chip resistors are used in a variety of electronic applications, including:

  1. PCB Traces and Bridges: The zero-ohm resistors are often used to create traces or bridges on a PCB, effectively connecting different parts of the circuit.

  2. Circuit Modification: In prototyping or production, zero-ohm resistors are used to modify circuit layouts and connections on the PCB without having to redesign the entire board.

  3. Component Mounting: They are also used as space savers in component layouts, effectively populating a footprint without introducing any additional resistance.

  4. Jumper Applications: Zero-ohm resistors act as jumpers, allowing for reconfigurable circuit designs by bridging or connecting different parts of a circuit.

  5. Signal Routing: They can be used for routing signals within a circuit, particularly in high-density and miniaturized electronic designs.

  6. Testing and Debugging: During the testing and debugging phase of electronics manufacturing, zero-ohm resistors are used to isolate portions of a circuit for diagnostic purposes.


In summary, the CRCW04020000Z0ED and similar zero-ohm chip resistors are crucial components for PCB layout and design, especially in scenarios where flexibility, space saving, and circuit modification are essential. Always refer to the manufacturer's datasheet and application notes for detailed specifications and best practices when integrating these components into electronic designs.

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