CS8420-CSZ: Based on working principles, functions and applications

The CS8420-CSZ is a digital audio interface receiver manufactured by Rochester Electronics. It is designed to receive and process various digital audio formats, serving as a crucial link between different systems and devices in audio applications. Here's an overview of its working principles, functions, and typical applications:


Working Principles:

The CS8420-CSZ employs sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms to receive, process, and reformat incoming audio data from various sources. It's capable of handling multiple common audio formats, including I2S, left-justified, right-justified, and TDM (time-division multiplexing), making it a versatile choice for interfacing between different audio devices and systems.


  1. Digital Audio Format Conversion: The CS8420-CSZ facilitates the smooth conversion of audio data from one digital format to another, providing a seamless link between digital audio systems with different interface standards.

  2. Sample Rate Conversion: It provides sample rate conversion (SRC) functionality, allowing audio signals with different sampling frequencies to be synchronized and processed without introducing audio artifacts or glitches.

  3. Input Receiver: The device functions as a receiver for digital audio data, syncing with different clock rates and sampling frequencies commonly used in digital audio applications.

  4. Digital Audio Signal Processing: The CS8420-CSZ includes advanced digital audio signal processing capabilities, allowing for features such as filtering, level adjustment, and mixing.

  5. Clock Generation and Synchronization: It provides clock generation and synchronization capabilities, allowing it to synchronize audio signals from different sources and maintain a consistent audio output.


  1. Professional Audio Equipment: The CS8420-CSZ is commonly used in professional audio equipment such as audio interfaces, mixing consoles, and digital audio workstations to manage and process digital audio signals with varying formats and sample rates.

  2. Digital Audio Converters: Integrated into digital audio converters (DACs) and digital audio playback devices to handle diverse audio formats and sample rate conversion.

  3. Digital Audio Workstations: Incorporated into digital audio workstations and recording equipment to manage incoming digital audio from various sources and ensure signal integrity.

  4. Home Theater Systems: Used in home theater systems to process digital audio signals from multiple sources such as Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and streaming devices, ensuring compatibility and high-quality audio output.

  5. Broadcasting Equipment: Applied in professional broadcasting equipment to synchronize and process audio signals from different sources and formats.

  6. Digital Signal Processors (DSP): Integrated with DSPs in audio processing applications to ensure seamless handling of digital audio streams with different formats and sampling rates.

Additional Considerations:

When integrating the CS8420-CSZ into a design, it is crucial to ensure compatibility with the specific audio interfaces and digital audio formats used in the application. This includes considerations for electrical signal integrity, proper clock distribution, and adherence to digital audio interface standards. Additionally, attention should be given to system-level requirements for input/output bit depth, audio latency, and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to ensure high-quality audio processing and interfacing.

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