CY14B256LA-SZ45XI Cypress Semiconductor IC NVSRAM 256KBIT PAR 32SOIC

The CY14B256LA-SZ45XI is an IC (Integrated Circuit) produced by Cypress Semiconductor with the following specifications:


  • Type: IC (Integrated Circuit) Non-Volatile Static RAM (NVSRAM)
  • Capacity: 256Kbit (32K x 8 bits)
  • Interface: Parallel
  • Package: 32-SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit)
  • Manufacturer: Cypress Semiconductor
  • Model: CY14B256LA-SZ45XI
  • DataSheet CY14B256LA-SZ45XI PDF

Key Features:

  1. Non-Volatile RAM: The IC combines the features of an SRAM (Static RAM) and non-volatile memory to retain data even when power is removed.

  2. Capacity: It has a storage capacity of 256Kbits, organized as a 32K x 8 configuration. This means it can store 32,768 8-bit bytes of data.

  3. Interface: Uses a parallel interface for communication with other components or a microcontroller.

  4. Package: Comes in a 32-SOIC package, which stands for Small Outline Integrated Circuit, with 32 leads.

Main Uses and Applications:

  1. Data Retention: Can be used in applications where data retention is critical even in the absence of power.

  2. Battery Backup Systems: Often used in systems where a backup power source maintains the memory content during power outages.

  3. Embedded Systems: Suitable for use in embedded systems that require non-volatile memory solutions.

  4. Industrial Control: Used in industrial control systems that require persistent memory storage.

  5. Communications: Applications in communications equipment where quick data access and non-volatile data storage are needed.

Working Principle:

The CY14B256LA-SZ45XI utilizes a combination of volatile SRAM and non-volatile memory technology to retain data during power cycles or outages. When power is applied, the device operates like a standard SRAM, allowing for fast read and write operations. During power loss, the non-volatile memory element retains the stored data.

The parallel interface allows the IC to communicate with the external system or microcontroller using address and data lines. The memory organization as 32K x 8 means that the IC has 32,768 memory locations, each storing 8 bits of data. The IC can be used for various applications that require both the speed of SRAM and the non-volatile data storage capabilities.

Please refer to the specific datasheet provided by Cypress Semiconductor for detailed electrical characteristics, pin configurations, timing diagrams, and application guidelines for effectively implementing the CY14B256LA-SZ45XI in your design.

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