CYPD2119-24LQXIT: Based on working principles, functions and applications

The CYPD2119-24LQXIT is a USB Type-C controller manufactured by Cypress Semiconductor, which is now part of Infineon Technologies. This specific controller offers a range of features for implementing USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery (PD) in a variety of applications. Here's a breakdown of its working principles, functions, and typical applications:


Working Principles:

The CYPD2119-24LQXIT operates based on the USB Power Delivery specification, enabling the negotiation of power contracts between a source and sink device. It incorporates the necessary circuitry to support USB Type-C connector standards, including the configuration channel (CC) logic, which handles plug orientation detection and cable plug type capabilities.


  1. USB Type-C Power Delivery: The CYPD2119-24LQXIT supports USB Power Delivery (PD), enabling dynamic power negotiation between the source and sink devices connected via a USB Type-C cable. Devices can negotiate voltage, current levels, and other characteristics to optimize power delivery.

  2. Role Switching: This controller facilitates role swapping between source and sink, allowing connected devices to dynamically switch between providing power and consuming power as needed.

  3. Accessory Charging Adapter (ACA) Support: The controller can support the ACA mode, where a device with a USB-C port can function as a power source to charge another device.

  4. Integrated USB-C CC Logic: The controller contains logic to manage the Configuration Channel (CC) pins, allowing the device to detect plug orientation and communicate plug type capabilities.

  5. Cable Plug and Orientation Detection: The device can detect the orientation of the cable when connected to a USB Type-C port. This enables proper communication and power delivery negotiation.


  1. PCs and Laptops: Integrated into PCs and laptops to enable USB Type-C connectivity with power delivery, supporting fast charging and high-speed data transfer.

  2. Smartphones and Tablets: Employed in mobile devices to support USB Power Delivery (PD) for fast charging and enhanced device connectivity.

  3. Docking Stations and Hubs: Used in docking stations and USB hubs to manage power delivery and data exchange between multiple connected devices.

  4. Monitors and Display Equipment: Implemented in USB Type-C enabled monitors and display equipment to facilitate PD support and data transfer over the same cable.

  5. Power Adapters and Chargers: Integrated into power adapters and chargers to support USB Power Delivery for various devices.

  6. Automotive Infotainment Systems: Applied in automotive systems to provide USB Type-C connectivity and power delivery for infotainment and device connectivity within vehicles.

Additional Considerations:

When utilizing the CYPD2119-24LQXIT in a specific application, it's essential to consider factors such as the power delivery requirements, USB Type-C signal integrity, compatibility with USB Power Delivery standards, and the required system-level certifications. Proper PCB layout, thermal management, and overcurrent protection mechanisms should also be considered to ensure safe and reliable operation within the target application.

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