DB107S-G Comchip Technology BRIDGE RECT 1PHASE 1KV 1A DBS

The DB107S-G is a bridge rectifier diode manufactured by Comchip Technology. Here's a breakdown of its specifications:


  • Type: Bridge Rectifier
  • Number of Phases: Single-phase
  • Peak Reverse Voltage (Vrrm): 1000V
  • Average Rectified Output Current (Io): 1A
  • Package Type: DBS
  • DataSheet DB107S-G PDF


Bridge rectifiers are electrical components that are used to convert an input AC voltage into a DC voltage output. The DB107S-G specifically performs this function for a single-phase input, with a maximum peak reverse voltage rating of 1000V and an average rectified output current rating of 1A. This means it is capable of handling maximum voltage and current within these limits.

Package Type:

The package type "DBS" usually refers to a surface-mount package without leads. It's important to take into account the specific package dimensions and mounting method when integrating this component into a circuit.


Typically, bridge rectifiers are employed in power supplies and various AC to DC conversion circuits, including adapters, battery chargers, and other applications that require the conversion of AC power into DC power.


Comchip Technology is a well-known manufacturer of diodes, rectifiers, transistors, and other semiconductor components. They offer a wide range of components for use in electronics, covering various applications and industries.

When integrating the DB107S-G into a design, always refer to the manufacturer's datasheet and application notes to ensure proper usage and conformance to specifications.

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