DC56-11GWA Kingbright DISPLAY 7SEG 0.56" DBL GRN 18DIP

The DC56-11GWA is a specific type of LED display manufactured by Kingbright. Here are the details for this specific component:


  • Type: LED Display
  • Size: 0.56 inches
  • Color: Green
  • Configuration: 7-Segment, Double Digit
  • Package/Case: 18-DIP (Dual Inline Package)
  • DataSheet DC56-11GWA PDF

Function and Application:

The DC56-11GWA is designed to display numeric information with a 7-segment format. Being a double-digit display, it has two separate segments to showcase two distinct digits. This type of display is commonly seen in various electronic devices such as digital clocks, digital meters, and other types of numerical readouts.


The 18-DIP (Dual Inline Package) is a through-hole mounted package style containing two rows of staggered leads, suitable for direct insertion onto a PCB.


  • High Visibility: The green color offers good visibility in various lighting conditions.
  • Compact Size: At 0.56 inches, this display is quite compact, making it suitable for use in designs where space is limited.
  • Simple Integration: The DIP packaging allows for easy integration into existing electronic designs.

Typical Applications:

  • Digital Clocks: The 7-segment display is often used in digital clocks to display hours and minutes.
  • Digital Meters: It can also be employed in various types of digital meters to show readings.

In summary, the DC56-11GWA LED display is tailored for showcasing numeric information in a compact and easily integrable format. It's widely used in electronic devices where numerical information needs to be visibly and clearly displayed. Always refer to the datasheet and application guidelines for this component to ensure its seamless integration into your designs.

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