The DLW31SN900SQ2L is a Common Mode Choke (CMC) manufactured by TOKO. Here are the specifications for this component:


  • Type: SMD Common Mode Choke (CMC)
  • Current Rating: 370mA
  • Impedance: 90 Ohms
  • Number of Lines: 2
  • Package/Case: 1206 (3216 metric)
  • DataSheet DLW31SN900SQ2L PDF


Common Mode Chokes are used to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) that occurs on signal lines. They are specifically designed to provide high impedance to common mode signals while allowing desired differential signals to pass through.


The DLW31SN900SQ2L, with a current rating of 370mA and an impedance of 90 Ohms, can be used in a variety of electronic circuits as part of EMI filters to suppress unwanted noise. The 1206 package size indicates that it is suitable for SMD (Surface Mount Device) applications where space efficiency is important.

Typical Applications of Common Mode Chokes:

  1. Power Supplies: Common mode chokes are used to reduce conducted common mode noise in power supply lines.
  2. Data Communication Lines: They are used in data communication circuits to minimize common mode noise on transmission lines.
  3. USB and HDMI Interfaces: Helps in EMI suppression for interfaces like USB and HDMI.

In summary, the DLW31SN900SQ2L is designed to be an efficient solution in tackling common mode noise in various electronics applications. Always handle and implement such components with consideration of their specifications and intended use cases.

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