DRV5055A4ELPGQ1 Texas Instruments Automotive, AEC-Q100

The DRV5055A4ELPGQ1 is a Hall Effect sensor designed by Texas Instruments for the automotive industry. This particular sensor is notable for meeting the AEC-Q100 standard, a rigorous set of stress test qualification requirements for automotive integrated circuits. Here's an overview of its key features, functions, and typical applications:


Key Features:

  1. Hall Effect Sensor: The DRV5055A4ELPGQ1 is a magnetic field sensor, which uses the Hall Effect to measure magnetic fields. It can be used to measure the position, speed, and proximity of magnetic targets.

  2. Automotive Grade: The AEC-Q100 qualification indicates that this sensor has been specifically designed, qualified, and manufactured for use in automotive applications, meeting strict quality and reliability standards.

  3. Wide Voltage Range: The sensor is designed to operate over a wide voltage range, making it suitable for various automotive electrical systems.

  4. High Accuracy: It provides accurate magnetic field measurements, supporting precise position and speed sensing in automotive applications.

  5. Analog Output: Typically, the DRV5055A4ELPGQ1 has an analog output that can provide a linear response to the applied magnetic field.

  6. Low Power Consumption: It is designed for low power consumption, which is beneficial for automotive applications where energy efficiency is a key consideration.

  7. Robust and Reliable: The sensor is built to withstand the challenging environmental conditions encountered in automotive applications, such as temperature variations, vibration, and mechanical shock.

  8. Compact Package: Often available in a small and robust package, suitable for automotive electronic systems.

Typical Applications:

  1. Brushless DC Motor Control: Used for position and speed sensing in automotive applications, such as brushless DC motor control in automotive HVAC systems, power seats, power windows, and other motor-driven systems.

  2. Automotive Safety Systems: Employed in safety-critical systems such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), and airbag deployment systems for reliable sensing and detection of movement and position.

  3. Electric Power Steering: Integrated into electric power steering systems for angle and position sensing.

  4. Transmission Systems: Used for sensing rotational speed and position in transmission systems for vehicles.

  5. Throttle Control: Applied in throttle position sensing for electronic throttle control systems.

  6. Suspension Systems: Utilized for position sensing in active suspension systems, helping to monitor and adjust suspension components based on vehicle movement.

This sensor is an essential component in automotive applications, providing precise and reliable magnetic field sensing for critical operations in modern vehicles. Its adherence to the AEC-Q100 standard ensures a high level of quality and reliability suitable for automotive environments.

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