The DRV8838DSGR from Texas Instruments is a bridge motor driver IC designed to control brushed DC motors. It comes in an 8-pin WSON (Wide Small Outline No-leads) package. Below is an overview of the DRV8838DSGR, including its features, specifications, typical applications, key attributes, and working principles:


DRV8838DSGR Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • IC Type: Bridge Motor Driver
  • Package: 8-pin WSON (Wide Small Outline No-leads)
  • Function: Controls brushed DC motors in various applications
  • Control: Typically used for bidirectional control of DC motors


  • H-Bridge Configuration: Facilitates bidirectional control of a brushed DC motor
  • Low Voltage Operation: Can operate at lower voltage levels for battery-powered applications
  • Current Limiting: Integrated current limiting for motor protection
  • PWM Control: Supports Pulse Width Modulation for speed control
  • Thermal Shutdown: Includes protection against overheating


  • Voltage Range: Supports a specified voltage input range
  • Output Power: Capable of delivering power up to a certain level
  • Output Current: Maximum current handling capacity per channel
  • Control Interface: Input pins for direction and speed control
  • Thermal Resistance: Thermal properties for efficient heat dissipation

Typical Applications:

  • Robotics: Control motors in robotic platforms for movement and manipulation
  • Consumer Electronics: Used in various devices for motor control functions
  • Automotive: Employed in automotive applications for controlling mechanisms
  • Industrial Automation: Integrated into machinery for motorized operations

Working Principle:

  • Utilizes an H-Bridge configuration to control the direction and speed of a brushed DC motor
  • Accepts control signals to determine the motor direction (forward or reverse) and speed
  • Provides current limiting and other protections to ensure safe motor operation


  • The DRV8838DSGR is a versatile motor driver suitable for various low-voltage brushed DC motor control applications.
  • It is important to adhere to the datasheet specifications and guidelines for proper usage and performance optimization.

The DRV8838DSGR from Texas Instruments is a reliable bridge motor driver IC that plays a crucial role in controlling brushed DC motors with bidirectional functionality and current limiting capabilities. For detailed information on its electrical characteristics, application notes, and circuit integration guidance, it is recommended to consult the official datasheet provided by Texas Instruments.

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