DS2003CM Rochester Electronics IC DRIVER 6/0 16SOIC

The DS2003CM, available through Rochester Electronics, is an IC (integrated circuit) driver primarily designed by Maxim Integrated. Below are the key details about this specific component:


  • Part Number: DS2003CM
  • Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated
  • Distributor: Rochester Electronics
  • Package/Case: 16-SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit)
  • Function: 6-Channel / 0-Channel High Current Peripheral Driver
  • DataSheet DS2003CM PDF


This IC serves as a high-current peripheral driver capable of driving up to six outputs. This makes it suitable for applications that require efficient and controlled driving of multiple peripherals or loads, based on the 6-channel capability.

Features and Application:

The DS2003CM has the following features and might be used in the following applications:

  • Output Driving: The IC is designed to efficiently drive high current for peripheral loads or other components in a system, particularly suitable for controlling multiple loads.
  • Industrial Control Systems: Commonly used in industrial automation and control systems where there's a need to efficiently control various components or loads using a limited number of driver channels.
  • Displays and Indicator Control: Suitable for applications where multiple display elements, LEDs, or indicators need to be driven efficiently and independently.

Additional Considerations:

When incorporating the DS2003CM in a circuit design, attention to the datasheet for specifications, application notes, and performance characteristics is crucial to ensure the component is utilized properly and its features fully leveraged as needed in the specific application.

If you require further details about the integration of this IC in your project or have specific questions related to its features and performance, you may find it beneficial to refer to the datasheet or seek direct support from Rochester Electronics or Maxim Integrated.

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