EE92252B1-000U-A99 Sunon FAN AXIAL 92X25MM 24VDC WIRE

The EE92252B1-000U-A99 is an axial fan manufactured by Sunon. Here are some key specifications for this fan:


  • Fan Type: Axial fans are designed to create airflow parallel to the fan's axis. They are commonly used for cooling electronic components and systems.

  • Size: The fan has dimensions of 92mm x 92mm x 25mm. These dimensions represent the length, width, and thickness of the fan.

  • Voltage: The fan operates at a voltage of 24V DC. This voltage level determines the electrical power supplied to the fan for operation.

  • Connection: The fan uses wire leads for electrical connection. Wire leads are a common method for connecting fans to power sources in various electronic systems.

  • Manufacturer: Sunon is a well-known manufacturer of thermal management solutions, including fans and cooling systems for various applications.

  • DataSheet EE92252B1-000U-A99 PDF

Axial fans like the EE92252B1-000U-A99 are commonly used in computers, servers, electronic enclosures, and other equipment to provide airflow for cooling purposes. The 92mm x 92mm size is a standard form factor that fits many applications requiring efficient cooling solutions.

For specific technical details, performance characteristics, airflow specifications, noise levels, and other detailed information about the EE92252B1-000U-A99 fan, you may refer to the datasheet provided by Sunon. The datasheet will offer more in-depth insights into the fan's operation and help ensure proper integration into your systems.

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