FDMS86163P ON Semiconductor MOSFET P-CH 100V 7.9A/50A 8PQFN

The FDMS86163P is a P-channel Power MOSFET manufactured by ON Semiconductor. Here are some key specifications for this MOSFET:


  • MOSFET Type: The FDMS86163P is a P-channel MOSFET, which is commonly used for high-side switching applications in electronic circuits.

  • Voltage Rating: This MOSFET has a voltage rating of 100V, indicating the maximum drain-source voltage it can withstand in the off-state.

  • Current Ratings:

    • Continuous Drain Current: 7.9A
    • Pulsed Drain Current: 50A

    These ratings specify the maximum continuous and pulsed current that the MOSFET can handle under specified conditions without overheating or causing damage.

  • Package Type: The MOSFET is housed in an 8-lead Power Quad Flat No-Lead (PQFN) package. PQFN packages are known for their thermal performance, compact size, and efficient heat dissipation.

  • Applications: The FDMS86163P can be used in various power management circuits, load switching applications, motor control, and other electronic devices where P-channel MOSFETs are required for high-side switching.

  • Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor is a leading supplier of semiconductor-based solutions, offering a wide range of power MOSFETs and other electronic components.

  • DataSheet FDMS86163P PDF

With its 100V voltage rating, 7.9A continuous drain current, and 50A pulsed drain current capability, the FDMS86163P is designed to handle moderate to high power applications effectively.

For more detailed technical specifications, performance characteristics, and application guidelines specific to the FDMS86163P MOSFET, it is advisable to refer to the datasheet provided by ON Semiconductor. The datasheet will offer comprehensive information to assist in the proper integration of this MOSFET into electronic circuits, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

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