FERROXCUBE CPH-E34/14/9-1S-12PD-Z: Purpose, characteristics, heat dissipation

The FERROXCUBE CPH-E34/14/9-1S-12PD-Z appears to be a specific type of electrical component manufactured by FERROXCUBE, a company known for producing a wide range of electronic components. As you have specified that this is a FERROXCUBE component, it seems to be related to their line of ferrite cores, common mode chokes, or similar magnetic components. However, since the exact model or series has not been explicitly stated, specifics may vary. Here is a general overview based on the assumption that this class of component serves as an inductor or related magnetic component:



Inductors such as ferrite cores or common mode chokes serve various purposes in electronic circuits, such as:

  • EMI Suppression: Used to mitigate electromagnetic interference in electronic devices.
  • Filtering: Employed to filter out unwanted frequencies or harmonics in power supply circuits.
  • Inductance: Provides inductance in electronic circuits for energy storage, filtering, and signal conditioning.
  • Common Mode Chokes: Used to suppress common mode noise in differential signal lines.


Key characteristics for the FERROXCUBE CPH-E34/14/9-1S-12PD-Z might include:

  • Inductance Value: Inductance in Henry (H) or a similar unit, specifying the component's ability to store energy in a magnetic field.
  • Current Rating: The maximum current the component can carry without significant performance degradation.
  • Impedance: The component's opposition to alternating current, critical for common mode chokes.
  • Frequency Range: The range of frequencies over which the component performs optimally.
  • Operating Temperature Range: The range of temperatures within which the component functions correctly.

Heat Dissipation:

For a magnetic component like this, heat dissipation often relates to the component's power loss resulting from the current passing through it. It's essential to adhere to the component's current rating to prevent excessive heat generation. The thermal characteristics of the component should be outlined in the datasheet. Proper thermal management should be established to ensure the component remains within its specified temperature limits for reliable operation.

While these details offer a general understanding of such components, the exact specifications for the FERROXCUBE CPH-E34/14/9-1S-12PD-Z model should be referenced from their datasheet, technical information, or by directly contacting FERROXCUBE for precise characteristics, ratings, and heat dissipation capabilities specific to this component. 

DataSheet CPH-E34/14/9-1S-12PD-Z PDF

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