The FT232RL-REEL is a USB-to-serial UART interface integrated circuit manufactured by Future Technology Devices International (FTDI). This IC provides a convenient bridge between USB and serial UART interfaces. Here are some key features of the FT232RL-REEL:


  • Functionality: The FT232RL-REEL is primarily designed to convert USB (Universal Serial Bus) signals to asynchronous serial UART signals. It can be used to enable communication between a USB host device (such as a computer) and a microcontroller or other serial devices.

  • Interface: This IC supports Full-Speed USB (12 Mbps) and provides a standard UART interface for serial communication. It allows for easy integration of USB connectivity into various electronic designs.

  • Package Type: The FT232RL-REEL comes in a 28-SSOP (Shrink Small Outline Package) form factor. SSOP packages offer a compact size and are suitable for surface-mount applications.

  • Applications: The FT232RL-REEL is commonly used in embedded systems, industrial automation, consumer electronics, and other applications where USB-to-serial communication is needed. It is particularly popular for programming and debugging microcontrollers.

  • Manufacturer: Future Technology Devices International (FTDI) is a well-known manufacturer of integrated circuits specializing in USB connectivity solutions and serial interface ICs.

  • DataSheet FT232RL-REEL PDF

The FT232RL-REEL simplifies the process of adding USB connectivity to electronic devices, allowing for easy communication with computers and other USB-enabled devices. It provides a reliable and standardized way to interact with serial devices over USB.

For detailed technical information, pin configurations, application notes, and programming details specific to the FT232RL-REEL, it is recommended to refer to the datasheet provided by Future Technology Devices International. This datasheet will offer valuable insights into effectively using this USB-to-serial UART interface IC in your electronic designs.

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