FT232RL-REEL:Main uses,application fields and working principle

FT232RL-REEL USB to Serial Converter:

The FT232RL-REEL is a USB to Serial converter IC manufactured by FTDI (Future Technology Devices International). Below are details about its main uses, application fields, and working principle:


Main Uses:

  1. USB to Serial Conversion: The FT232RL-REEL is primarily used to convert USB signals to serial (UART) signals and vice versa. It enables communication between devices with USB ports and those with serial interfaces.

  2. Embedded Systems Development: Commonly used in embedded systems for programming microcontrollers, configuring devices, and debugging applications over a serial connection.

  3. Legacy Peripheral Support: Facilitates communication with legacy devices and equipment that utilize serial interfaces when connected to modern computers with USB ports.

Application Fields:

  1. Embedded Systems: Used in programming and debugging microcontroller-based systems, IoT devices, and other embedded applications.

  2. Communication Equipment: Employed in data communication equipment, telecommunications devices, and networking hardware.

  3. Industrial Automation: Integrated into industrial automation systems for data transfer and communication between devices.

  4. Consumer Electronics: Utilized in consumer electronics for firmware updates, device configuration, and data exchange over USB.

Working Principle:

  • USB Interface: The FT232RL-REEL connects to a host device (e.g., PC) via USB and appears to the host system as a virtual serial port.

  • Serial Communication: The IC transparently converts USB data transfers to serial communication signals (UART) and vice versa.

  • Driver Support: It requires drivers on the host system to create a virtual COM port, enabling software to communicate through the USB to serial converter.

  • LED Indicators: Some versions of the FT232RL-REEL include LED indicators for indicating power and data transfer.

  • Integrated EEPROM: Allows for storing configuration settings and vendor-specific information.

  • Reset Functionality: The IC often includes a reset pin that can be used to reset connected devices or for specific application needs.


  • Pins: The FT232RL-REEL typically includes pins for USB connection (D+ and D-), TX and RX for serial communication, RTS/CTS flow control, and other configuration pins.
  • DataSheet FT232RL-REEL PDF


Ensure proper driver installation and configuration on the host system when using the FT232RL-REEL. The datasheet provided by FTDI contains detailed information on pin configurations, programming guidelines, and application notes for integrating the USB to serial converter into your design effectively.

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