Introducing the basic features of LM1117

The LM1117 is a popular linear voltage regulator. It provides a simple and efficient solution for regulating and stabilizing a voltage supply in electronic circuits. Here are the basic features of the LM1117:


  1. Voltage Regulation: The LM1117 is designed to regulate an input voltage and provide a stable, regulated output voltage. It is available in various fixed output voltage options, such as 3.3V, 5V, and other common values.

  2. Low Dropout Voltage: The LM1117 has a low dropout voltage, which means it can regulate the output voltage even when the input voltage is only slightly higher than the desired output voltage. This makes it suitable for applications where the input voltage is close to the desired output voltage.

  3. Current Limiting: The LM1117 incorporates built-in current limiting to protect itself and the connected components from excessive currents, ensuring safe operation under load conditions.

  4. Thermal Shutdown Protection: To prevent overheating and damage, the LM1117 has a built-in thermal shutdown feature that disables the device temporarily when the temperature exceeds a specified limit. This ensures reliable and safe operation even under challenging thermal conditions.

  5. Low Quiescent Current: The LM1117 has a low quiescent current, which is the current consumed by the regulator itself. This feature helps minimize power consumption in battery-operated applications and improves overall energy efficiency.

  6. High Ripple Rejection: The LM1117 has a high ripple rejection ratio, which means it can effectively filter out and suppress voltage ripples and noise present in the input voltage, providing a cleaner and more stable output voltage.

  7. Protection Against Reverse Polarity: The LM1117 incorporates reverse polarity protection, guarding against incorrect battery or power supply connections. This protection prevents damage to the regulator and the rest of the circuitry.

  8. Package Options: The LM1117 is available in various package options, including through-hole packages like TO-220 and surface-mount packages like SOT-223, providing flexibility for different circuit designs and PCB layouts.


The LM1117 is widely used in a range of electronic applications, including embedded systems, power supplies, battery-powered devices, and many other circuits that require a stable and regulated power source. Its reliable performance, low dropout voltage, current limiting, and thermal protection make it a popular choice among engineers and hobbyists alike for voltage regulation requirements. Always consult the LM1117 datasheet and application notes for detailed specifications, operating conditions, and design considerations specific to your desired application.

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