The IRF7342TRPBF is a Dual P-channel Power MOSFET manufactured by Infineon Technologies. Here are some key specifications for this MOSFET:


  • MOSFET Type: The IRF7342TRPBF consists of two P-channel MOSFETs integrated into a single IC package. P-channel MOSFETs are commonly used for high-side switching applications in electronic circuits.

  • Voltage Rating: This MOSFET has a voltage rating of 55V, indicating the maximum drain-source voltage that each P-channel MOSFET can withstand in the off-state.

  • Current Rating: Each P-channel MOSFET in the IC is rated for a continuous drain current of 3.4A. This parameter specifies the maximum current that each MOSFET can handle under specified conditions without overheating.

  • Package Type: The MOSFET is housed in an 8-SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) package. SOIC packages are commonly used for surface-mount applications and offer ease of installation and soldering.

  • Applications: Dual MOSFET ICs like the IRF7342TRPBF are commonly used in various applications such as power supplies, motor control, DC-DC converters, synchronous rectification, and other power management circuits.

  • Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies is known for its high-performance power MOSFETs and integrated circuit solutions.

  • DataSheet IRF7342TRPBF PDF

The IRF7342TRPBF, with its dual P-channel MOSFETs having a 55V voltage rating and 3.4A current rating each, is designed to efficiently handle moderate power levels in electronic circuits.

For detailed technical specifications, performance characteristics, and application guidelines specific to the IRF7342TRPBF MOSFET, it is recommended to refer to the datasheet provided by Infineon Technologies. The datasheet will offer comprehensive information to help you effectively integrate this MOSFET into your electronic designs while ensuring safe and reliable operation.

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