ISL85033IRTZ-T: Overview,parameter,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models

ISL85033IRTZ-T Detailed Introduction:


The ISL85033IRTZ-T is a synchronous buck regulator designed by Intersil (Renesas) to efficiently step down higher input voltages to lower regulated outputs in various electronic systems.



  • Input Voltage Range: Wide range of supported input voltages.
  • Output Voltage: Regulated output voltage state.
  • Switching Frequency: Frequency at which the regulator operates.
  • Efficiency: Measure of how effectively power is converted.
  • Current Capacity: Maximum current load the regulator can handle.
  • DataSheet ISL85033IRTZ-T PDF

Main Uses:

  • Power Supply: Providing voltage to digital and analog components.
  • Voltage Regulation: Ensuring stable power delivery to sensitive devices.
  • Power Efficiency: Improving power efficiency in systems.


  • High Efficiency: Leveraging synchronous rectification for improved efficiency.
  • Wide Input Range: Handling various input voltage levels.
  • Compact Design: Utilizing QFN package for smaller form factor.
  • Fixed Frequency Operation: Operating at a set frequency for consistent performance.
  • Protection Features: Built-in safeguards like overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown.

Application Fields:

  • Consumer Electronics: Powering devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Industrial Systems: Providing power to sensors, controllers, etc.
  • Automotive Sector: Voltage regulation in automotive applications.
  • Telecommunications: Powering networking equipment.

Working Principle:

  1. Step-Down: Converts higher input voltage to lower regulated output.
  2. Switching: Uses internal MOSFETs to control switching for voltage stabilization.
  3. Duty Cycle Control: Adjusts duty cycle to maintain target output voltage.
  4. Efficiency Optimization: Synchronous rectification enhances power conversion efficiency.

Alternative Models:

  • ISL85033: Base model of the regulator.
  • ISL85033IRT: Variant with different packaging or operational temperature range.
  • ISL85033H: Higher current capacity model for more demanding applications.

The ISL85033IRTZ-T is a versatile buck regulator offering efficiency, compact size, and protection features suitable for a multitude of applications. Consult the official datasheet from Renesas for comprehensive specifications and performance characteristics.

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