The KA4558DTF is a dual operational amplifier (op-amp) manufactured by Fairchild Semiconductor. Rochester Electronics is a manufacturer and distributor specializing in the re-creation and manufacturing of discontinued semiconductors of various types, including ICs (Integrated Circuits).


The KA4558DTF op-amp is a general-purpose, high-performance, dual operational amplifier. It typically features low noise, high slew rate, and a wide bandwidth. Op-amps like the KA4558DTF are used in a wide variety of applications, including audio equipment, instrumentation, and control systems.

Key specifications for the KA4558DTF may include:

  • Number of Channels: Dual Op-Amp
  • Supply Voltage: Typically around ±15V
  • Input Offset Voltage: Low value
  • Gain Bandwidth Product: High value
  • Package/Case: 8-SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) or similar

Common Applications:

  • Audio Amplification: Op-amps are commonly used in preamplifiers and audio signal processing circuits.
  • Filters: Active filters using op-amps can be designed for a range of applications, such as in audio or as anti-aliasing filters in data acquisition systems.
  • Instrumentation: Op-amps are often used in precision instrumentation due to their excellent DC precision and gain accuracy.
  • Signal Conditioning: Op-amps are used for conditioning various signals for further processing.


Given the status of Rochester Electronics in manufacturing and distributing discontinued components, it's important to check their specific datasheet regarding the KA4558DTF op-amp, as well as consider alternative modern components, as semiconductor manufacturing and availability can change.

When working with op-amps, it's important to carefully review the datasheet to understand the operating voltage range, current capabilities, and other parameters to ensure the operational amplifier is used within its specified limits for reliable and safe operation in a given circuit.

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