The LH1523BACTR is a Solid State Relay (SSR) manufactured by Vishay. Here are the key specifications for this component:


  • Type: Solid State Relay (SSR)
  • Configuration: SPST-NC (Single Pole, Single Throw - Normally Closed)
  • Maximum Load Current: 200mA
  • Maximum Load Voltage: 0-200V
  • Package / Case: 6-SMD (Surface Mount)
  • Isolation Voltage: 5300Vrms
  • On-State Resistance (Max): 12 Ohms
  • Turn-On Time (Max): 1.5ms
  • Turn-Off Time (Max): 2ms


Solid State Relays (SSRs) are electronic switching devices that allow control of high-voltage, high-current AC or DC loads using a low-voltage control signal. The LH1523BACTR being an SPST-NC relay means it's a single throw switch (it has one output path) that is normally closed, which means in its default state, the circuit is closed, and when it's activated, the circuit opens.


Given its specifications, the LH1523BACTR can be used in a variety of applications where low power, high voltage switching is required. These may include:

  • Automation and Control Systems: Solid state relays are often used in industrial automation and control systems to control various components such as heaters, lamps, and solenoids.
  • Medical Equipment: SSRs are used in medical devices where reliability and low power consumption are critical.
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Systems: Solid state relays are used in HVAC systems for precise control of various components.


One thing to note when using SSRs is that they are sensitive to heat and load voltage, and might require heat-sinking or other thermal management when dealing with high currents and high frequency switching. Always refer to the manufacturer's datasheet and application notes to ensure proper usage.

DataSheet LH1523BACTR PDF

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