LM324 Quad OP-AMP IC Pinout, Circuit, Datasheet, and Uses

LM324 Quad Op-Amp IC:

The LM324 is a quad operational amplifier (op-amp) IC that contains four independent op-amps. Below is an overview of its pinout, typical circuit configuration, resources such as datasheets, and common uses:


The LM324 typically comes in an 14-pin package (e.g., DIP or SOIC). Each op-amp within the IC has its inputs and outputs. The pinout for each op-amp is as follows:

  1. Inverting Input (-)
  2. Non-Inverting Input (+)
  3. Output
  4. V- (Negative Power Supply Pin)
  5. OutA (Output of Op-Amp A)
  6. Inverting Input A (-)
  7. Non-Inverting Input A (+)
  8. V+ (Positive Power Supply Pin)
  9. OutB (Output of Op-Amp B)
  10. Inverting Input B (-)
  11. Non-Inverting Input B (+)
  12. NC (Not Connected)
  13. OutC (Output of Op-Amp C)
  14. Inverting Input C (-)

Circuit Configuration:

A typical inverting amplifier circuit using one of the op-amps in the LM324 could look like this:

Plain TextCopy code
Vin ----|–––––|––––––|---- Vout
       |      |
       |     |\
       |     | \
       |      |   Op-Amp
       |      | /
       |      |/
       R1      |

Datasheet: LM324 Datasheet PDF

You can find the datasheet for the LM324 from various sources including the manufacturer's website or electronics component distributors. The datasheet provides detailed information on electrical characteristics, pin configurations, operating conditions, and application circuits.


  1. Voltage Amplification: Amplifying voltage signals with adjustable gain.
  2. Signal Conditioning: Filtering, scaling, and conditioning signals before further processing.
  3. Comparators: Configured as voltage comparators for comparison operations.
  4. Oscillators: Forming part of oscillator circuits for generating waveforms.
  5. Active Filters: Implementation in active filter designs.
  6. Inverting/Non-Inverting Amplifiers: Used in a variety of amplifier configurations.

The LM324 is a versatile component frequently used in various electronic applications including audio amplifiers, signal processing circuits, filters, voltage regulators, sensor interfaces, and more due to its ease of use, low cost, and availability. Make sure to refer to the datasheet for detailed specifications and application circuits specific to your project needs.

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