LM3900N: Overview,parameter,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models

LM3900N Operational Amplifier Detailed Introduction:


The LM3900N is a quad operational amplifier (op-amp) integrated circuit that contains four Norton amplifiers. It is designed to operate using Norton's current differencing principle rather than the more common voltage differencing method.



  • Number of Amplifiers: The LM3900N contains four independent amplifiers.
  • Operating Voltage Range: Specifies the power supply voltages within which the op-amp can function.
  • Input Offset Voltage: Measures the differential voltage required to nullify the output.
  • Input Bias Current: The average current flowing into the inputs.
  • Output Current: The maximum current the output stage can deliver.
  • DataSheet LM3900N PDF

Main Uses:

  • Current Differencing Applications: Ideal for circuits that benefit from Norton amplifier operation.
  • Transconductance Amplification: Used in applications where current gain is advantageous.
  • Signal Modulation: Circuits where current sources or differential signals are utilized.
  • Control Systems: Implementing current-mode control systems.


  • Current Differencing Amplifiers: Unique Norton amplifier design.
  • Quad Op-Amp Package: Contains four op-amps in a single IC.
  • Low Input Offset Voltage: Facilitates precise signal processing.
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range: Flexible power supply requirements.
  • High Input Impedance: Helps prevent loading effects on input signals.

Application Fields:

  • Analog Signal Processing: Filtering, amplification, and signal conditioning.
  • Current-Mode Circuits: Current-mode control systems and current mirrors.
  • Instrumentation: Precision measurement and sensor signal conditioning.
  • Voltage-to-Current Conversion: Converting voltage signals to current signals.

Working Principle:

  • Current Differencing Amplifiers: Operates based on Norton's alternative to conventional voltage operational amplifiers.
  • Current Mirrors: Utilizes transistors to mirror currents, providing amplification.
  • Differential Inputs: Handles differential current signals effectively.
  • Output Stage: Drives current in proportion to the differential input current.

Alternative Models:

  • LM3900: Standard version of the LM3900N available in different package options.
  • LM3302: Quad Norton amplifier with different specifications.
  • CA3040: A MOSFET input operational amplifier that can serve in similar applications.

The LM3900N is a specialized quad operational amplifier designed for applications that benefit from current-mode operation. It offers unique features like Norton amplifiers and is suitable for current differencing circuits. Alternative models like the LM3900 or CA3040 can be considered based on specific requirements and availability within a particular project. Detailed datasheets and specifications are essential for selecting the most suitable operational amplifier for a given application.

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